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Blake Elkins

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I currently reside in Shorewood, IL. I am a student at Rasmussen College. I'm a big lover in sports. It's part of my life and always has been. In Cleveland, the Indians were the team. When I started watching sports, the Browns had just moved to Baltimore. So, I really had no team to root for. I just liked Barry Sanders and that was about it. Then the Browns came back, and my mom surprised me one day with a Tim Couch jersey. It was the highlight of my month. Of course there has not been a lot to cheer about for the last 13 years or so. Hopefully, Jimmy Haslam can turn it around. My love is Cleveland Indians baseball. The 90's provided some great times. The 1997 team was my favorite of all time. This team was not given a chance to make it out of the ALDS, but they were two outs away from the title. Thanks to Jose Mesa for ruining that world series and my childhood for about 3 months. I joined bleacher/report to chat with real die-hard fans and to become a writer.

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