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I have played football in college and have coached football for several years. The positions I have coached are linebackers, defensive linemen, recievers, running backs, and offensive line.

My father was an hardcore Browns fan, and he infected me with the gene. My entire family are football fanatics, from my mother (Redskins fan) to my nephews( Jaguars and Panthers fans...I know...I know). My wife is a Steelers die hard and the court won't let me divorce her soley based upon her team allegence.

I am a natural bodybuilder and personal trainer and love interaction with people of all backgrounds, as I can learn from them. I try to be inspirational to the kids I coach and the people I train. I believe life is to be enjoyed and experienced. Do what you love and it will never seem like work.

I have been a writer for years and have written a three part novel called "Fall of the Ultras" and am working on book two and three (super hero sci-fi fantasy story). I am also writing a graphic novel based upon characters from that book. Writing for sports seemingly has com natural to me and I have been doing so for the past few years. I am passionate about writing and enjoy the interaction with fans. Please feel free to drop me a note.

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  • bosttian coe posted 1449 days ago

    bosttian coe

    YOU wrote "Fall of the Ultras?" Really? Interesting.