Mr R

Mr R


I'm from South Carolina, US. I love college sports (mostly football and basketball), NFL, NBA, and soccer.
College sports are fun from the big games to the small ones. I don't need a name on a jersey to tell me if the game is worth watching. I'm not a fan of the BCS, but its just awful how many people know so little about it but yet insist on tearing it apart. If you don't know how it works, then you have no room to talk. Everyone has the right to an opinion , but unfortunately people tend to confuse theirs with fact.
Ignorance is butter, the media is the knife, and you just happen to be the bread.

Ignorance is only bliss to the ignorant, others still have to put up with you.

If you can't think for yourself, get in the pen with the other sheep.

Apathy is killing America, except for the online crowd. Online is a wasted effort since concerns is directed at peers instead of the people who can make the change.

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