Mighty Birds Of Prey is Back

Mighty Birds Of Prey is Back

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  • Nathan Morris posted 1464 days ago

    Nathan Morris

    As one of the "respected" "Hawk fan commenters, Thought you'd enjoy this and get the word out.
    Check out these great tunes just for Seahawk fans.
    "Sweet Home Field Advantage" could last forever. YouTube has a video for "What does the Hawk say" that'll drive the "other" fans crazy!

  • Hey man thank you for your service and Go Hawks!

  • Squeegee Klean posted 1525 days ago

    Squeegee Klean

    I'm going to guess you count being a born again or fundamentalist Christian amongst all your other faults. I have never met anyone more self-righteous than fundamentalists...of any religion. Given you are a jar-head (...a Hollywood Marine at that) and your posts I have to say you must be a born again "Cursed-tian".

  • seachickenzz stinkzz

  • Ethan Rodgers posted 1538 days ago

    Ethan Rodgers

    You need to stop flaming on every other team not named the Seattle Seahawks. Everyone is tired of you and every other Seahawk big mouth fan. Not to mention you always include semper fi like its a title after everything you say. It's annoying man...it's a sports website not a place where we need to know everything about your life and as if anyone really cares. Just stop bashing other teams and their fans and come back down to Earth and realize the Seahawks aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

  • Stylin' Kitsch posted 1551 days ago

    Stylin' Kitsch

    I was having a crappy pre-season until yesterday. Was not happy with Kaep getting only one series in each of the first two games and then was totally beffuddled as to why they kept switching McCoy/Tolzein every other series. The starter needs more time afaic and the backup needs to get some type of rhythm. Then last night I finally get to see everything come together. O, D, ST...looks like 49ers are solid again this year.

    I have been ready for the season to start again since 2/4.

  • Stylin' Kitsch posted 1565 days ago

    Stylin' Kitsch

    Oh...and about your "most memorable game attended" how did the 'clucks and Chiefs play a wildcard game in 2007? The Chefs are in the AFC and 'clucks have been NFC since 2002 season?

  • Stylin' Kitsch posted 1565 days ago

    Stylin' Kitsch

    Did you get a vacation?