Combining the love of sports and writing:

-St. John's University (B.S in Journalism)
-Long-standing New York Knicks and New York Jets fan
-Former Contributor for fanspeak.com (sports blog)
-Former Contributor for football.com (NFL and futbol website)
-Current Contributor for Bleacherreport as of August 2014

Now that you have the basics . . .

The focus is to amplify the rational voices of long-suffering Knicks and Jets fans. I'm not old enough to recall championships but I don't forget heartbreak: 1994, 1999. I understand the notion of the “inferior little brother” complex that exists when sharing a town with a team who won two Super Bowls in recent history.

Both the Jets and Knicks are past due for something to cheer about. And I'm here to inform, persuade and influence minds throughout the waiting process—through the good and the bad. Everyone has an opinion, perspective or viewpoint, why not share it here? Bleacherreport is the stage and the world is listening.

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  • Will posted 43 days ago



    You . . . my friend . . . are a great writer with great insight.

    Personally . . . I do not see the Jets moving on to the next level unless they are willing to part with Rex Ryan and Geno Smith.

    I would like to see the Jets move up in the draft and take either Marcus Mariota or Brett Hundley.

    I have them going 9 - 7 at best and 7 - 9 at worse.

    My best guess is the Jets will once again do just barely enough to stay put . . . and pass on their future.

  • Will posted 44 days ago



    I would love to see the Jets hire Jim Mora Jr. as their new head coach . . . and draft either Brett Hundley or Marcus Mariota as their new quarterback.

    The reality is . . . I do not see the Jets ever being bad enough for ultra - conservative John Idzik to make either of those much needed moves.

  • Bobbi posted 44 days ago


    "The focus is to amplify the rational voices of long-suffering Jets fans."???
    Okay.... I can buy that - I am your newest fan.

    Maurice Moton: Welcome to Bleacher Report.