Tim Stephenson

Tim Stephenson

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Currently attending Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax Canada. I am a Public Relations major there with aspirations of working in Sports PR. My passion for sports extends beyond my leather couch and bowl of chips. I write about sports because I feel the stories that they tell resonate within myself. I have cheered (2001 Patriots Superbowl) and I have cried, (David Tyree...). Beyond the cheers and jeers, I write to connect with people in the same way my favourite sports, teams and athletes connect with me. Being a sports fan is all about perspective. We all watch the same play, my Oakland Raider friends see a fumble, I see NFL rule 3, section 22, article 2, note 2. #tuckrule. I write to share a perspective. Sounds rudimentary, but sports are all about perspectives and it matters how you give them!

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