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I had a brain tumor when i was young. Long story short; I should have died and was in PTOT for 6 years to rebuild my left side after being paralyzed from the tumor. Doctors said I would never play sports, let alone being alive. I will never fully recover because i have nerve damage on my left side, but when i was young I picked up basketball. Physically, I was on par with my peers yet i was way behind mentally because in basketball because I was always in my head about messing up, due to my disadvantage on my left side. my coach always told me, "you can quit and use what you've been through as an excuse, or you could fight through it, and use what you've been through as a story." I never fully understood this until I got to high school, when I gained more confidence. Because of all of this, I fell in love with basketball. I live for basketball and follow it very very close

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