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  • Stephen A. Smith posted 757 days ago

    Stephen A. Smith

    Hey, my name is Stephen A. Smith. I'm from ESPN's First Take. By the way, tune into it on ESPN2 weekdays @10:30 AM. Did you heard about Miami Heat thinking of signing Michael Beasley back?

  • Mathias posted 765 days ago


    OI DICKHEAD. I don't need you writing on my profile, telling me about lebron james. I'm perfectly aware about lebron james, the difference is I'm unbiased, I'm also aware lebron can shoot jump shots, however, San Antonio dared lebron to shoot jump shots in the finals, yes he hit them but it's not like they were treating him like camelo anthony on the perimeter.

    Everybody is entitled to an opinion and i believe yours is bullshit trolling where you try to shit on every player and team in nba history except your precious 4 time mvp.


  • Woods Legrand posted 765 days ago

    Woods Legrand

    Obvious troll is obvious. Have fun on the net.

  • Woods Legrand posted 766 days ago

    Woods Legrand

    You obviously don't know what one on one means. Stay in your lane, kid.

  • RC Akhtar posted 792 days ago

    RC  Akhtar

    honestly i never watched mj either so i dont know so ill take him out i just heard he was the goat like you so i respect him like that. lebron is the best player but i still dont trust him taking that last shot in the game, thats not his strength. Honestly its a toss between kobe and durant. durant is sooo clutch but kobe has more game winners. I would have to give the edge to durant barely.

  • IT'S YO BOI TINKY WINKY posted 793 days ago


    I'd pick MJ just based on rep.

    LeBron b/c he shoot 44% in the clutch (best shooting % of past 10 years)

    Kobe b/c he's made lots of them

    Durant because he has the best 3 pointer of all of them

    No rudy gay.

  • RC Akhtar posted 793 days ago

    RC  Akhtar

    lol i was about to explode
    "I used to respect at least only 5%, I didnt like u but I respected u 5%, Now not only r u fucked up in the head, u also lost ur credibility by saying marc gasol is the MVP. "

    hahahaha. you respected me 5% hahahah. marc gasol mvp. David you killed me.

  • IT'S YO BOI TINKY WINKY posted 793 days ago


    Bosh is one of my favorite players. It's ironic that 3 of my top 5 favourite players went to Miami lol.

  • RC Akhtar posted 794 days ago

    RC  Akhtar

    nice trolling though i saw that you said you were trolling on tinky winkys page because you admitted it. It was fun while it lasted. I respect you 100% now baby.

  • Patrick Z posted 794 days ago

    Patrick Z

    You just did a great job at describing my feelings towards your dumbass

    ps that was a fun war but pls work on your trolling l0lz