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  • Kendall Clements posted 773 days ago

    Kendall Clements

    Not sure if you flagged a comment of mine to a reader on your Mike Vick article? Actually enjoyed your article and the writing style. If you flagged my comment, not happy. If it was moderator, they are weak... Keep up the writing.

  • Jake Wimberly posted 821 days ago

    Jake  Wimberly

    Wes would you be interested in coming on an internet radio show tomorrow night to talk NFL Draft with us? If so hit me up on twitter @notjoeleedunn

  • Tom Jilardo posted 827 days ago

    Tom Jilardo

    I'm a new guy to your writing, but I put your name to memory after reading your article on RGIII's reponse to criticism. I was hoping to learn something here, but you were so broadly damning of his critics that you lost me. Saying that you can't compare RGIII to Vick because it's unfair, but deciding you can compare RGIII to Cam because it speaks better for RGIII is pretty biased. I hope you're right, honestly, I think the old school pigskin guys have too much invested in making sure the new, more athletic QBs like RGIII fail. But that doesn't give you license to be a hypocrite. You've got bad habits of using just as many poor arguments as all the haters. Don't lower yourself to their level, I want to remember your name for a good reason...

  • Bob Guevara posted 897 days ago

    Bob Guevara

    Wes you're a complete idiot. My God, what has DMN come to resorting to using the garbage you put out. What a shame.

  • rickey gerhart posted 906 days ago

    rickey gerhart

    yo do you get paid to write articles on the sports topics or not just curious

  • Joel K. Harris, Sr.,Ph.D. posted 921 days ago

    Joel K. Harris, Sr.,Ph.D.

    How much money did Tebow earn for the Bronoco team owners this year? Who buys the tickets and all the football stuff? Fans. How many yeards has Brady played in the NFL? 11.
    Tebow 1. Maturity. Where is Brees and Rodgers? At home with Tebow watching the other teams. How may yeard in the NFL for Brees and Rodgers? They played like Tebow???

  • Jarred Braxton posted 929 days ago

    Jarred Braxton

    Wes, have you seriously read my last comment?

  • Jarred Braxton posted 940 days ago

    Jarred Braxton

    Wes, the Chargers aren't taking a CB in the first round of next year's draft. For the last few weeks I have been telling you, the Chargers need a RT and an OLB more than they need a CB. Jeromey Calry is a waste of space on the Chargers O-line and the Chargers have been missing that pass rush they have had before Merriamn declined. Dennard may be a good player, but the Chargers will not take him.

  • King J posted 945 days ago

    King J

    Time to vote on B/R's Best of Boxing 2011!

  • John O'Donnell posted 995 days ago

    John  O'Donnell

    stop picking on jacobs

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