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I am Keith Bales and I am a very passionate sports fan. Sports are a way of life and everyday I find myself either reading, playing, learning, watching, doing anything to be involved.

The heart of my passion of sports lies in racing. I have been involved with racing since the day I was born. I have worked on race cars, driven them, and even been an official for the ARCA sanctioning body.

I am a student, set to graduate in the spring of 2010 from Tiffin University with a degree in both Sports Management and Marketing. My two passions for a career.

Being a member of Bleacher Report, I hope to become a writer for the NASCAR section to share my thoughts, opinions, and facts about the sport to people. I may not always be the best informed person or the smartest, but I am here. And I will make the best effort I can for the reader.

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