Dushyant Karani

Dushyant Karani

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I love the game of basketball but unfortunately the games here start at 4-7 am and don't get a chance to watch them because of school. I am a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers since 2008 and always will be. I wish to aspire a career in the film industry as a Director and Producer. I am a big fan of rap, hip-hop, jazz, house and electronic music. I have also played basketball since year 9 in my previous school, which I played inter-house of our school and have played for 3 consecutive years in my current school, 2 years in junior varsity and 1 year in varsity. I have also been a part of my old school's cricket team for 2 consecutive years and lost my interest which got me down and made me join the house team. In my current school, I have been a part of my cricket team since i joined and that was the year where the team was first formed. I became the vice-captain after my first 2 years in the cricket team.

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