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Zurc Nivram

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I LOVE BASKETBALL AND I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!! I LOVE MY LAKERS AND MY SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS!!! Whether I'm playing, watching or virtually playing Sports I LOVE IT! I'm sure just like everyone else on here it's a huge part of my life that consumes me. I just don't watch the games, I watch the Pre-Game, the Post-Game, and then I go on ESPN.com and watch the highlights and anything else I might have missed. I first started watching the Lakers back when the Magic Man ran the show. I was born in San Diego but I can't stand the Chargers. I hate them with a Passion, because of their pathetic Banwagonning Fans (Called: The San Diego Tomlinson Fans). The first Football Game I ever Watched was the 49ers. The Best Team Ever! We'll be back in the Bowl again!!!

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