Rebirth of The GOAT

Rebirth of The GOAT

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Fav. WWE Superstar of all time: The Rock

Fav, WWE Moment of all time: The Rock return in 2011

Fav. WWE Match of all time; Austin vs Rock WMX7

Fav. WWE Dream Match of all time: Rock vs Shawn Michaels

Fav. WWE Feud of all time: Rock vs SCSA

Fav. Gimmick: Razor Ramon

Fav. weirdest gimmick: Mantaur

Fav. Non Wrestler: Heel Vince McMahon

Fav. Announcer: Heel Lawler / Tazz

Fav. Wrestling Event: WMX7

Fav. Manager: A.W

Fav. WWE Black Guy of all time: Booker T

Fav. WWE Current Black Guy: Titus O'neil

Fav. WWE Half Black guy of all time: The Rock

Fav. WWE Half Samoan guy of all time: The Rock

Fav. WWE superstar who went to the University of Miami of all time: The Rock

Fav. Rookie of all time: 2002 Lesnar

Fav. Rocky of all time: The Rock

Fav. Toothfairy of all time: The Rock

Fav. Beard of all time: Jim Neidhart

Fav. Breakout moment of all time: Austin 3:16 said I just whipped your @$$

Fav. Promo: See above.

Fav. Redneck of all time: Stone Cold

Fav. Badass of all time: Stone Cold

Fav. Bald Guy of all time: Stone Cold

Fav. Psycho of all time: Chris Benoit

Fav. Pimp of all time: The Godfather

Least Fav. Pimp of all time: D-Lo Brown

Fav . RR Win: Taker in 2007

Fav. Entrance: Taker

Fav. WWE Debut of all time: Y2J

Fav. Cena clean loss of all time: WM28

Fav. Wrestling attire of all time: RVD (Backlash 2006)

Fav. Dolph Ziggler Sr of all time: Mr Ass

Fav. Ass of all time: RIKISHI! (Just kidding, AJ Lee)

Fav. Comeback of all time: The Rock winning the WWE title after 10+ years

Fav. WWE Tag Team of all time: The Dudley Boyz

Fav. WWE Stable of all time: Evolution

Fav. WWE KOTR winner: King Booker

Fav. Jabroni of all time: Brooklyn Brawler

Fav. WWE Theme Song of all time: Glass shattered-Disturbed: SCSA

Fav. WWE International Superstar of all time- Eddie Guerrero

Fav. WWE Highflyer of all time-Rey Mysterio

Fav. Athlete of all time- Brock Lesnar

Fav. WM Iconic moment- Rock and Hogan

Fav. seller of all time- The Rock

Fav. finisher of all time- Stunner

Fav. Underrated WWE match of all time- Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret Hart SS 1996

Fav. OMG Moment of all time- Undertaker throws Mankind of the top of the cell

Fav. HOLY $#!T Moment of all time- Edge spears Jeff Hardy WMX7

Fav. Austin: 96 Heel Austin / 99 Face Austin

Fav. Rock: 1999 Face Rock / 2003 Hollywood Rock

Fav. Steel cage match of all time: Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle RAW 2001

Fav. Hell In A Cell match of all time: Undertaker vs HBK

Fav. Elimination Chamber match of all time: Survivor Series 2002

Fav. Ladder match of all time: Razor Ramon vs Shawn Michaels

Fav. I Quit Match of all time: The Rock vs Mankind

Fav. 3 Stages of Hell match of all time: SCSA vs HHH No Way Out 2001

Fav. TLC match of all time: WMX7 Triple Threat Tag Team match

Fav. Ruthless Agression Era PPV: SummerSlam 2002

Fav. PG Era PPV: WrestleMania 28

Fav. Evolution member: Randy Orton

Fav. nWo member: Scott Hall / Randy Savage

Fav. DX member: HBK

Fav. NWA Superstar of all time: Ric Flair

Fav. TNA Superstar of all time: I dunno I don't watch TNA

Fav. Non WWE Superstar of all time: Sting

Fav. WCW Superstar of all time: Goldberg

Fav. Powerhouse of all time: Goldberg

Fav. PG Superstar of all time: Kofi Kingston

Fav. Current Superstar: Daniel Bryan

Fav. Current Gimmick: Damien Sandow




The GOAT is making a vid about The Top 10 Greatest WWE Superstars of all time so if you can help The GOAT, it would be nice.

Post a comment on who are the Top 10 G.O.A.T.S in WWE history (P.S Top 10 GOATs is different than your favourite top 10 of all time)

SCSA: HBK, Jake Roberts, Yokozuna, Sycho Sid, Mr Perfect, Tajiri, Matt Hardy, Brian Pillman, Goldust, Chyna, Mr McMahon, Eric Bischoff, Spike Dudley

Rocky: Hogan, Nash, Goldberg, Lesnar, Cena, Punk, Brooklyn Brawler, Gangrel, X-Pac, Mark Henry, Jeff Hardy, The Hurricane

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  • The Durantula posted 334 days ago

    The Durantula

    Sup GOAT.

  • A CM Punk Guy posted 348 days ago

    A CM Punk Guy

    be my fan please..??

  • A CM Punk Guy posted 348 days ago

    A CM Punk Guy

    Nice profile pic..I love RVD

  • Long Live The GOAT posted 389 days ago

    Long Live The GOAT


  • Xero Theory 3rd account posted 393 days ago

    Xero Theory 3rd account

    My god! How many accounts do you have!?

  • The Viper posted 393 days ago

    The Viper

    You, scumbag get the f**k out of zone and f**k off to hell.

    Truly yours,
    The Viper.

  • Dan Riaz posted 393 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    I was going to say hi but...

  • The GOAT posted 393 days ago

    The GOAT

    CM Mox reported this account, I'm done with B/R

  • Abz posted 393 days ago


    Top ten GOATs that i know are;

    The Undertaker
    Stone Cold
    The Rock
    Ric Flair
    Eddie Guerrero
    Shawn Michaels
    Triple H
    Chris Jericho

    Let me know when you finish your vid

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 393 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Do you want to fan Ray-Ray?