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Michael has been a huge NASCAR fan for many years even attending 5 races at New Hampshire, and is a NASCAR Online (c) gamer. Racking up 3 wins and 0 poles, if you wish to find out how he's doing write a comment on the page, you will get a comment back within 7 days

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  • David Phillips posted 3277 days ago

    David Phillips

    Check out my latest story:


    It's a feature I wrote on Martin on how even though he lacks the championship trophy, he is still a champion of NASCAR.



  • Mary Jo Buchanan posted 3315 days ago

    Mary Jo Buchanan

    You have a great holiday as well and let's make 2009 a good year!
    Mary Jo

  • Horn Fan posted 3315 days ago

    Horn Fan

    Hey Michael,

    Take a minute this Holiday season and remember the Hornaday family in your thoughts, In Memorandum: Ron Hornaday, Sr., a racer's racer 1931 to 2008, my latest is a tribute to the legend who passed away on Sunday.

    Hope you have a great Christmas.


  • Michael Oleszek posted 3343 days ago

    Michael Oleszek

    my first nascar article:


  • Horn Fan posted 3399 days ago

    Horn Fan

    Check out my latest article, wrote a tribute to Paul Newman.

  • Horn Fan posted 3436 days ago

    Horn Fan

    No problem about the races, I can get that and the poles. Already got stuff for my next Update. Guess start with the driver Updates, and you can always post me if you fine anything on-line that looks interesting.

  • Horn Fan posted 3436 days ago

    Horn Fan

    Right now I have a weekly Update has all the new news in it. I write a Race Recaps, started with the poles after Speed won in Bristol, working on a driver profile on Ron Hornaday after the sesons over and going to work on the history of the Series also. Have to research it more, breaking it down whenever they made major changes and tie it into the tracks. Think it will be about three parts maybe more, and the other ones writing about the different tracks in the Series.

    But think if you wrote about how the series is important with so many young guys coming throught the Trucks now. You could do career spanning driver profiles on Mike Skinner, Todd Bodine and Jack Sprague is a good start. All are Champions in the Series and three of it's bigger stars. Sure I'll think of more stuff, plus sure you'll come up with some ideals to. So far it's me, Patti Rodisch started writing, and Mary Jo Buchanan's has written a few articles also. Have a few, I'm waiting to hear from and a few others to post still.

    Also take a look at my Updates on the series, have a bunch of different things in it. See what you think, if anything needs to be changed with it. One thought I had was just doing the driver profiles separate, making it more indepth than just the simple ones in the Update.

  • Horn Fan posted 3436 days ago

    Horn Fan


    Just read your latest article, "Thinks That Bump". Your missing parts on it, thought I would let you know so you can go back in and fix it. You did a decent job with it.
    Not sure if you noticed that all the racing is under Autoracing now. Because of it, LJ's been trying getting us helping each other out, since we now compete with F1 for the front page.
    Also let me know if your interested in writing about the Truck Series, starting a Craftsman Truck Series community and looking for a few writers to write about the Series. Even if it's here and there that's fine.
    Let me know.

    Take Care,

  • BabyTate posted 3472 days ago


    How can you hate Willie Mays?

  • Brian Kirby posted 3473 days ago

    Brian Kirby

    i read your article on drivers and wives, go to youtube and look up "Jeff Gordon Sportscentury" and theres a segment in one of the clips where he talks about how his divorce hurt his racing so your right.