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After graduation I started studying geodesy, but decided to leave Austria after several years for personal reasons. I went to London, worked in pubs, for a national poll company and as a part-time model to pay the rent, before being ordered back to Austria to do the mandatory military service.

Having completed my military term, I went to Cyprus as a member of the United Nations. On my return, I attended and graduated from the College for New Design. After many years as a designer, I gave sports journalism a go. Journalism (and writing as a whole) has been a dream of mine for quite some time, but I always found excuses not to go for it.

I completed my editor training in November 2013 and went on to be a writer for Bleacher Report. In December I was offered to become Featured Columnist for the Orlando Magic, which I gladly accepted.

In March 2014 I started education as a mechatronics apprentice and finished first of class in October 2015. In September 2014 I decided to go on hiatus from my B/R Featured Columnist position in order to focus on my studies.

I have played and coached in team sports (basketball and volleyball) for nearly three decades. As of late I also started playing badminton and American football. I still love competing, as well as watching and analysing games.

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