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I'm a cricket obsessive University student currently studying English with Creative Writing. I have a huge passion for sports, poker and the fun things in life. I play a little grass roots cricket, usually keeping wicket and counter attacking with the bat. I try to bat like KP or Viv Richards, I'm a natural hand-eye kind of player, but needless to say, I get caught out like Shahid Afridi far too much. Bit of a wasted talent then, one might say. When it comes to poker, I'm a chameleon. I'm as loose as the best of 'em when I have sussed out the betting pattern of my table, but if I had to compare my style of play, it would be similiar to Daniel Negreanu. Thank you Mr. Small Ball for improving my game over youtube!

So I'm fairly aggressive on the pitch, which totally clashes against my interests in writing and sports journalism, which ought to require academic patience, old men, slippers, pipes and folded quality papers. Yeah, right. The internet has been around for a while now, and it's about time I embraced the blogging culture now. Reasons for doing so? Well, it's obvious, I might get noticed (I'm sounding like KP now) and even if I am lampooned and chased to the corner of the earth (yes, people can track your I.P Address), I will hold my colour to the one truth in sports reporting. There is no truth. One man's Picasso is another man's pauper.

One more thing to add, or rather, it's more of a motto: "Let's push things forward"

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