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I played football since the 3rd grade all the way to my senior year in Texas. I would take a Saturday of college football over an NFL Sunday if I had to make that choice. I am bitter about 3 things #1 that Colt McCoy got hurt in the 2010 BCS game (which I attended), I still give Alabama full credit for winning but it sucked to have to see your season end like that, #2 that Auburn didn't play USC, and #3 that the Heisman picks the player with the most hype not talent showcased in the '09 Ingram and '05 Bush (I would have given it to Gerhart and Young). I try to see things from a national perspective but sometimes I get a case of homerism when Texas is in the conversation.

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  • John Doublin posted 2681 days ago

    John Doublin

    Here's a link for you! Check it out.

  • Bert T posted 2686 days ago

    Bert T

    word larry, I agree with everthing you have to say. You a student or Alumi?

  • Crayton posted 2731 days ago



    The "new SWC" does seem a stretch, but I provided some raw numbers for you and others to play around with.

  • Scott Wilson posted 2755 days ago

    Scott Wilson

    Larry, I just put this article together finally and would love to get your input if you have the time:

    Jim Delany and the Big Ten's Expansion: A Size 12 or 16 Footprint?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Jeff Kalafa posted 2784 days ago

    Jeff Kalafa

    By any chance are you related to Mike Kalmus, originally from the Bronx and then from Lake Hiawatha, NJ?