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  • Red Devil Woman posted 836 days ago

    Red Devil Woman

    I'm great and you?

  • Karan posted 910 days ago


    May crores of lamps lighten up your life
    With endless happiness, richness,
    Health & wealth forever
    Wishing you and your family a very
    Happy Diwali :)

  • Karan posted 914 days ago


    Yeah, I liked it too!! It was better than BG and NoC..........

  • Karan posted 920 days ago


    AJ aur Punk saath mai hai ab....... They are Dating!!

  • Karan posted 922 days ago


    Ahh!! The good old Hindi!
    Hum AJ se pyaar karte hai aur Punk ke bade fan hai!! Kya kare?? XD

  • Karan posted 924 days ago



  • Black Widow posted 925 days ago

    Black  Widow

    Are you busy lately?? Din see you around lately... ;)

  • Opinionated Person posted 928 days ago

    Opinionated Person

    I'm doing well, thank you. School is going great. How about you?

  • Bryan Sucks posted 929 days ago

    Bryan Sucks

    Exactly. Thats what I think too. He doesn't deserve the main event scene.

  • Bryan Sucks posted 930 days ago

    Bryan Sucks

    What do you think of D Bryan?