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What can I say about myself ?


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  • Ben Auty posted 3497 days ago

    Ben Auty

    Heya Miles ... WOW, thats all I can say ... This is strange, you where told to look at my work by a friend ... I am actually honoured, kinda like a proud feeling going on here ! Ha ha ha !

    I am glad you and your friend like my writing, I am not a writer nor a journalist or anything like that ... This is just a hobby of mine ... I love F1 more than my wife to be I think she will agree on that one too, ha ha ! So I just feel I have a point to put across and this is my platform to do so !

    I am just a sales man day to day ... Well, thats actually talking myself down ... I work for an oil company and I work in sales, logistics, market analysis negotiations on market movements ... Its quite interesting but most find it boring when I talk about it so I resort to F1 to impress ha ha !

    Thanks for your scores and kind comments ... Totally appreciate them mate, and the "Pick of the Day" thanks again. Means a lot ... Never known that I could hit my opinions home on so many levels and now I have a groupie, ha ha ... I think I am going to throw my TV out the window rock "n" roll style ! Ha ha ha !

    Thanks again Miles for all your comments ... I am blown away. Hope your stay on Bleacher is a pleasant one. Oh yeah and I hope to see some articles from yourself on here ... We are all nice so we wont be too critical mate ! Cheers.

    Ben, Over and Out!