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  • Uncle Will posted 1468 days ago

    Uncle Will

    I would have replied to your comment on the Dalton/Luck story, but the debate is closed. Theoretically, if you were a GM with the the picks and personnel to acquire either Dalton or Luck and you took Luck you would be fired. Stats doesn't mean everything and to base your choice solely and them is not how personnel decisions are made in professional sports.

    Lets not forget the system Dalton is in. The west coast scheme they are in allows him to dink and dunk and that's why his completion percentage is higher. Am I right? Dalton had the higher % but was at the bottom of the league in 3rd down conversion rate. Why do you think they drafted Eifert? They drafted Eifert because they thought he would compliment Dalton's intermediate throwing range. Why get another burner on the outside if Dalton lacks the arm strength to get the ball down field? Luck ran a vertical passing attack his rookie year without the tall, fast WRs you need to be successful. Luck did more with less.

    All I'm saying is you can't compare their stats, when one had a one year head start, is in a different system and the other's #1 receiver is Darius Heyward Bey… Lets not forget that even when Reggie Wayne was healthy, he's an 11 year vet. Saying Dalton is better than Luck and base it off of stats in a debate will get you laughed out of the room.