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  • Jeff Whilde posted 1558 days ago

    Jeff  Whilde

    Paul, I hope you do, as I have, and ignore Michael Keller's constant nonsense on any and every Tebow article posted on B/R/ He clearly has an obsession with bashing Tim Tebow at every turn. WHATever! I, like millions of others, are keeping the faith where Tim Tebow is concerned, believing whole-heartedly that he will make an re-entry at the right time when all the ducks are in a row to get him back in a leading role. I will not be the least bit surprised if that place in New England. Thank you for the compliment.

  • Michael Keller posted 1570 days ago

    Michael Keller

    "At 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, the Broncos let the Jaguars know they were allowing Tebow to choose between the teams. Denver coach John Fox kept Tebow abreast of the talks throughout the day. Early in the day Fox had asked Tebow if he had a preference, and Tebow said both seemed fine and the Broncos should do what was best for the team.
    Wednesday evening, Tebow’s opinion changed. He was going to have a better opportunity to start in New York and felt more wanted by the Jets organization.
    Tebow acknowledged that at his press conference in New York on Monday, saying he was more comfortable with the Jets' coaches than with the Jaguars'. "


    "Tebow also confirmed that he preferred to play for New York over a return to his hometown in Jacksonville.
    “This is where I want to be,” he said, adding that he preferred the Jets over the Jaguars because he was already familiar with New York’s coaches."


    "Tebow and his agent, Jimmy Sexton, absolutely had a choice on where the Broncos would trade Tebow, despite Tebow's statement that only Denver controlled that. The Jags had a better fourth-round pick on the table than the Jets were offering -- by seven draft slots. The Jags were offering $500,000 more than the Jets in compensation for the advances paid on his contract. But Denver was willing to deal Tebow to either team. And it was a very difficult choice for the young quarterback, because he is from Jacksonville. But the decision made sense. The Jets wanted him more, and would use him more, ostensibly. It's simple."

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    All I can do is report what I read. But maybe your source is better than the three I posted here. There are more but you likely won't believe them either.

    But it doesn't really matter. You believe what you read and I believe what I read.

  • Michael Keller posted 1571 days ago

    Michael Keller

    I am not sure what exactly you want me to answer that I have not already addressed in my articles or my comments. I have been a Broncos fan since the early 70's and have been a close follower of them since 1979 when i had season tickets for over 20 years. I also had press access for much of that time.

    If your question is that I am not a 'real' Broncos fan, then we can argue that point. As to me having any animosity towards Mr. Tebow, maybe it is more focused on his followers who continually bash Mr. Elway and my Broncos for somehow 'screwing' Tebow some way.

    They gave him an opportunity to start in the NFL and also gave him an option of where he could go when it was clear that he wasn't going to be even a backup in the Broncos offense.

    But so many fly-by-night "fans" who have little or no real background on the NFL, the Broncos or even the Jets, can continue to fire ridiculous claims and presume that one player should get preferential treatment, is absurd.

    I played college football and I understand what it takes to be an NFL player and I didn't have it. And, so far, 32 teams in the NFL feel Mr. Tebow doesn't have it either.

    Deal with it. I have.