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Frank Cesare is an NBA Editorialist for Bleacher Report.

He graduated from St. John's University with a BA in English and is a former men's basketball manager for the Red Storm. In addition to writing about sports, he is a dedicated poet and novelist, currently in the process of publishing his first major work. He is also a student of improvisational comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

You can follow Frank on Instagram @frankcesare3
And on Twitter @frank_world

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  • James Rogers posted 1056 days ago

    James Rogers

    You got it, Frank. Thanks for the NYK coverage, and keep it up!

  • Sim Risso posted 1063 days ago

    Sim Risso

    No problem, Frank. I'm happy to see Aldrich doing well. As a Kings fan, I always liked him when he was in Sacramento.

  • James Rogers posted 1099 days ago

    James Rogers

    Sure thing, Frank. Keep on writing!

  • James Rogers posted 1187 days ago

    James Rogers

    Thanks right back to you, Frank. Keep up the good work!

  • James Rogers posted 1266 days ago

    James Rogers

    You got it, Frank. Thanks. Keep writing!

  • LeeAnn Lassiter posted 1268 days ago

    LeeAnn Lassiter

    You're welcome, Frank!

  • Mike Wilson posted 1277 days ago

    Mike Wilson

    No problem, Frank. Glad to help.

  • Jake Sarachek posted 1382 days ago

    Jake Sarachek

    hey if you could please endorse my petition i would really appreciate it. All it requires is you signing it you can fill out a fake name and email and it will still count as signing it for you. I really like your blog and worked really hard on this petition to really try and capture the mindset of the knicks fanbase as a whole so if you could please just shoot this around to everyone you know i'd really appreciate it.

  • Jason Berliner posted 1401 days ago

    Jason Berliner

    Not a problem, Frank. Thanks for posting on my board!

  • Ronald Cheng posted 1527 days ago

    Ronald Cheng

    No problem, Frank!