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Leon the Unprofessional

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  • Patricia Traina posted 1368 days ago

    Patricia Traina

    Thanks Leon. It's okay to disagree with me. I'm not always going to be right.

  • A Wooden Spoon posted 1392 days ago

    A Wooden Spoon

    Dude don't get worked up over these Boston butt boys, they know who their daddy is.

  • JD Aniels posted 1489 days ago

    JD Aniels

    Bro we need to become friends man.. NEW YORK NEW YORK!

  • Brad McLain posted 1606 days ago

    Brad McLain


  • Brad McLain posted 1606 days ago

    Brad McLain

    thank you for halting your impersonation of Hakeem nicks

  • Brad McLain posted 1610 days ago

    Brad McLain

    every time you post a little girl's puppy dies. stop killing puppies you sick bastard

  • Brad McLain posted 1611 days ago

    Brad McLain

    you should grow up and stop being an attention sucking parasite.what are you five or just in need of someone to laugh at you (not with you)

  • Christian Ponder posted 1641 days ago

    Christian  Ponder

    You should come to the Vikings