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Stephen Krefft

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  • Stephen Krefft posted 246 days ago

    Stephen Krefft

    the saints plastered the falcons and half man the troll goes away. Good beats evil and the troll loses - win win

  • Half Man Half Amazing posted 325 days ago

    Half Man Half Amazing

    It's not trolling idiot. Anyways sorry for commenting on your precious board, didn't know you were uncomfortable around people and socially awkward.

  • Stephen Krefft posted 326 days ago

    Stephen Krefft

    keep trolling rodman...

  • Half Man Half Amazing posted 326 days ago

    Half Man Half Amazing

    Says the racist

  • Half Man Half Amazing posted 330 days ago

    Half Man Half Amazing


  • Stephen Krefft posted 337 days ago

    Stephen Krefft

    now a homophobic Arab

  • Rahim Jones posted 338 days ago

    Rahim Jones

    I don't call everyone who disagrees with me a fag just everyone who supports this watered-down game we keep calling football

  • Stephen Krefft posted 464 days ago

    Stephen Krefft

    Ben is a well known troll

  • Ben Winoker posted 537 days ago

    Ben Winoker

    You commented on that article 13 times, if you don't remember reading it that's your problem. Finish the debate or admit that you are wrong.

  • Ben Winoker posted 540 days ago

    Ben Winoker

    EAGERLY awaiting your response.