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  • Ginoboli Flops posted 1246 days ago

    Ginoboli Flops

    Son of a prostitute and Slut stay off my wall you cunt. I can spell better than your whole family and your ancestors you fucking spineless Pig.

  • Ginoboli Flops posted 1251 days ago

    Ginoboli Flops

    your a breed of incest you fucking piece of shit. like i said stick to having sex with your mom and being fucked in the ass by your dad you fucking scum

  • The Illuminati posted 1253 days ago

    The Illuminati

    Brady butt-lover

  • Ginoboli Flops posted 1254 days ago

    Ginoboli Flops

    stick to sucking dick you dumb ass fucker don't ever write on my page again go fuck you mom or sister you dumb fuck

  • Ayn Bland posted 1258 days ago

    Ayn Bland

    Kick the closet door down and be fabulous! Homophobia is a strong sign of homosexuality.

  • It is What it is posted 1263 days ago

    It is  What it is

    LOL I just saw your comment. You're the biggest bandwagoner in the history of sports. You're a joke. Just look at your "favorite" athletes and coaches. HAHAHA PATRIOTS SUCK. PEYTON MANNING OWNS BRADY

  • Ryan Simmons posted 1282 days ago

    Ryan Simmons

    Hey man.

  • Baller 4Life posted 1290 days ago

    Baller 4Life

    Because I'm a Heat fan? Lol you need a life kid.

  • Kingmike Mouche' posted 1292 days ago

    Kingmike  Mouche'

    tom brady is so overrated

  • Nate Padilla posted 1311 days ago

    Nate Padilla

    How does Toms balls taste? Do you spit or swallow?