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"The Kobe Code: Eight Principles for Success- An Insider’s Look into Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant’s Warrior Life & the Code He Lives By."

Book Description: Strength & Honor. A code that Kobe Bryant seems to live by. This inspiring & practical guide takes a unique spin on the traditional unauthorized biography by providing insight into how Kobe approaches his life, on & off the court. Also, by highlighting Eight Principles For Success pulled from various stages in his life, The Kobe Code allows you to potentially apply these simple practices to your own life. And, you’ll finally understand why Kobe has been so incredibly misunderstood. The Kobe Code will change your perception of Kobe Bryant


*******About Pat*******

I'm an Author and Sportswriter. I also love the business world where I'm a Strategic Business Advisor at my own consulting firm, The Infrastructure Company. My expertise is Time & Efficiency strategies and systems for small & medium sized growth companies. I'm also the Founder of Executive Training Camp that teaches & trains Executives, Managers, and Business Owners new strategies & skills to Gain Back and Free Up more Time in their business lives.

I'm also an avid basketball fan, having both played and followed the sport for nearly 20 years. I love all things basketball, including college and the NBA but my real love and passion are the Los Angeles Lakers, having grown up in Souther California and been a fan of the Purple and Gold since my youth.

I always wanted to be a sportswriter, since I read my first issue of Sports Illustrated. So, it’s only natural that I now get to write about sports here at the Bleacher Report. I’m very appreciative for the opportunity to write for B/R. The quality of all of B/R’s writing is so high, I’m proud to be a part of it.

I’m also very privileged to have true fans read my articles. My goal is to always put out reads that are insightful, not just game recaps, possibly controversial or a different take/angle on something, and always make sure what I write is fun to read.

I’m married, to a University of Kentucky basketball fan while I love UCLA. The day before our wedding at our rehearsal dinner, the two teams played in the NCAA tourney. Talk about being either on the side of the bride or groom!

One of my mantras is “Results Really Do Matter” and I believe I deliver, in everything I do.

When I’m not teaching, writing or watching and playing basketball, I’m hard at work on my first fiction novel, a Sports thriller. My wife and I live in North Carolina and California.

Visit my website at to get placed on my mailing list and for bonus materials, additional videos, articles, and other information.

Or, hit me up with an email here at B/R if you have something to say or want to know something more.

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  • Los Angeles Lakers posted 2488 days ago

    Los Angeles Lakers


  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 2514 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    No problem, Pat. Glad to help.

  • jeremy batista posted 2566 days ago

    jeremy batista

    As a laker fan i am amuse. do you seriously belive a american team sport is bored of winning?. that makes no sense the laker fan dont want to hear that either does kobe. the losing is why phill called out kobe

  • Bill N posted 2568 days ago

    Bill N

    Hey Pat - thanks so much for the Like on my latest article. That is a real compliment coming from you.

    Bill N

  • Ben Goldstein posted 2585 days ago

    Ben Goldstein

    why didnt you put tim duncan on your fundamental list?

  • iman shahmiri posted 2592 days ago

    iman shahmiri

    you said in an article "To add to the challenge, the NBA doesn’t allow a team to play back to back home games." this is wrong; the clippers played a home game today vs. the grizzlies, and tomorrow they will be playing a home game vs. the magic.

  • Derek Starrett posted 2603 days ago

    Derek Starrett

    Im a seahawk fan but if the 49ers keep alex smith over troy smith the franchise is as stupid as this article

  • archie sumalindao posted 2730 days ago

    archie sumalindao

    i mean write.. thanks pat'..

  • archie sumalindao posted 2730 days ago

    archie sumalindao

    hi pat'.. can you right something about why lebron is loved by the media than kobe'... it's just funny' coz bron is million miles away compared to kobe'.. like espn'.. can you site something like top ten reasons why kobe hated by media..

  • Tony Santorsa posted 2780 days ago

    Tony Santorsa

    C's win game two. Does Boston have the advantage now?