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I grew up mostly in a small town in the back woods of Tennessee. I played basketball, baseball and I would have played football if we had a football team. When I moved to Indianapolis, IN the competition grew to be out of my small-town league so I began to lean towards becoming a sports expert from a media perspective.

When I was 18, I joined the Army to serve my country and pay for college and at 19 I was deployed to the middle east. I served a total of six years in the Army National Guard.

After my deployment I moved to Richmond, Virginia where I met my wife and turned my life over to Christ. I owe my Savior everything and will never deny Him as the reason I am so blessed in life.

I stayed in Richmond for four years before I decided it was time to come back to Tennessee and finish school at the University of Tennessee. Currently, I am studying communications and public relations and I hope to earn a Master's degree in sports management after I complete my undergrad.

I love the University of Tennessee and all UT athletics. I am often asked who my favorite NFL football team is and I respond by saying I love the NFL, but I am only truly loyal to one football team and that is the University of Tennessee Volunteers. I am very proud to be a Vol for life!

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  • Matt Goldstein posted 998 days ago

    Matt Goldstein

    Welcome aboard!

  • Jeff Dreyer posted 1604 days ago

    Jeff Dreyer

    Stephen, I posted to you 40 days ago today, that many teams are favored simply because they're the better team in that game. I know you want your statement to be ATS on the dogs. But, I think you're missing games you'd pick if you just picked them ATS. You use the right common sense and reasoning on your picks, but you're forcing it. Your better then 2 & 6. JMO. Jeff

  • Jeff Dreyer posted 1632 days ago

    Jeff Dreyer

    4and 2 ATS, great job. You should have been 5 and 1. The Ravens caved, that was shameful. But you, you did an awesome job. Keep up the good picks. Jeff

  • Jeff Dreyer posted 1643 days ago

    Jeff Dreyer

    You think the Jets get back on track this weekend?

  • dachamp dachamp posted 1643 days ago

    dachamp dachamp

    Good sh!t Moss to Tennessee!

  • Jeff Dreyer posted 1646 days ago

    Jeff Dreyer

    Why all the dogs the last two weekends? Sometimes a team is favored on a given Sunday, simply because they're the best team that weekend. You went 4 for 5 SU and ATS. Although you would have had a push or maybe even a cover if Shanahan didn't go on 4th and 10 at their own 22 yard line. With 2:20 left and two time outs and the two minute warning, why didn't he punt.? I haven't seen one article or comment anywhere on that. That was a punt play all day long in my opinion. Anyway, keep at it Stephen. Everybody has tough NFL weekends, you still pick better then most. Jeff

  • Stephen Kasper posted 1652 days ago

    Stephen Kasper

    went 5-1 this week in my picks against the spread. not bad eh?

  • Jeff Dreyer posted 1652 days ago

    Jeff Dreyer

    I just wanted to tell you that out of all the pundits I read on line or in print, your picks are the best. I only wish I would have found your picks in week one instead of week five. Better late to the party then never. If it wasn't for the Rams getting weak in the last 30 seconds, you would have gone 5 for 6 straight up on the money line. Damn kid, pretty amazing. Keep up the good work Stephen. I look forward to your picks on Thursday. Thanks, Jeff

  • Stephen Kasper posted 1695 days ago

    Stephen Kasper

    Titans take down the Raider Nation baby!

  • Brendan Majev posted 1806 days ago

    Brendan Majev

    Hey Steve, you mentioned in your reply that you didn't really agree with your article, you were assigned it as an FC. I was offered FC for the Ravens- how often are you assigned stuff that you don't actually agree with/care about? Thanks!