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I am a 19 year old die-hard New York and Boston College sports fan. That's the Rangers, Mets, Jets, and Knicks. BC Hockey, BC Football, and BC Basketball.

Sports, in general, keep me going. I've been eating, sleeping, and drinking my NY teams for as long as I can remember and living and dying with each BC sporting event since I enrolled in the fall of 2006. I can vaguely remember the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals. My father did most of the screaming and yelling when the Blueshirts prevailed; I was only five years young at the time. I credit the 2008 Boston College Hockey team, '08 NCAA Men's Hockey Champions, for giving me my first championship as a fan. It took forever. Hopefully one of my NY Professional Teams will pull through in the near future.

I am also an avid golf fan. I root for Phil. I don't care what people think of him. He's my idol. Tiger, though, is truly remarkable. When all is said and done, Tiger will be the greatest athlete in sports history. And, if you disagree, I look forward to a debate with you in the future.

You'll probably see me writing on several different topics. I've really come to appreciate nearly all sports. I simply love watching athletes competing at the highest levels. There is nothing better in this world than seeing an athlete perform at their best when they reach the moment that they've been dreaming about for their entire life. While the sports world has had its share of problems and issues over the past decade, it will never stop spitting out those larger than life moments (epic moments, if you will) that keep us all coming back. Tiger at Torrey, Tyree in Glendale, Jordan in Utah, Stephen (Curry) in March, Lester after Cancer.....the list goes on and on.

I look forward to a passionate discussion on all of these topics and much more on this website. I also write for Sports in the Boston College newspaper, so search my name on if you are interested in my archived articles.

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