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In March of 2010, I wrote my first article for Bleacher Report, back when anyone could do so on a whim. Now, I'm an NBA Lead Writer for one of the biggest sports websites in America. The times, they are a-changin'.

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  • North Side posted 1 day ago

    North Side

    correction: based on the comments below from other people, you've been pumping out garbage for years...

  • North Side posted 1 day ago

    North Side

    you, sir, have been writing some of the WORST articles i've ever seen recently

  • M. Thomas posted 1 day ago

    M. Thomas

    Dude, in your last article you say that Cavs and Bulls were both healthy and "sporting their current personnel" on Jan 18th but Bulls were missing 2 regular starters. How can make $hit up???

  • John Shaw posted 3 days ago

    John Shaw

    Also this is being annihilated over on r/nba right now, rightfully so

  • John Shaw posted 3 days ago

    John Shaw

    Articles like your 'Top 20 in 2020' are the reason B/R is a joke, and has zero credibility. No Kawhi, Giannis ahead of Klay, Westbrook over Curry and Harden? Wiggins over Curry Harden and Westbrook? Do you watch basketball? GTFO 10 year old

  • Small Fundamental posted 4 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Kawhi Leonard won't be a top 20 player, huh... Jesus H.. How the hell do you have a job writing NBA articles...

  • Chris Sanchez posted 4 days ago

    Chris Sanchez

    Josh, serious question... do you honestly think Kawhi Leonard will not be one of the top 20 players in the NBA five years from now?

  • Jaden L posted 22 days ago

    Jaden L

    Man, you a beast!

  • jhon alex posted 28 days ago

    jhon alex

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  • laik kakai posted 43 days ago

    laik kakai

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