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In March of 2010, I wrote my first article for Bleacher Report, back when anyone could do so on a whim. Now, I'm an NBA Lead Writer for one of the biggest sports websites in America. The times, they are a-changin'.

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  • North Side posted 18 days ago

    North Side

    correction: based on the comments below from other people, you've been pumping out garbage for years...

  • North Side posted 18 days ago

    North Side

    you, sir, have been writing some of the WORST articles i've ever seen recently

  • M. Thomas posted 19 days ago

    M. Thomas

    Dude, in your last article you say that Cavs and Bulls were both healthy and "sporting their current personnel" on Jan 18th but Bulls were missing 2 regular starters. How can make $hit up???

  • John Shaw posted 21 days ago

    John Shaw

    Also this is being annihilated over on r/nba right now, rightfully so

  • John Shaw posted 21 days ago

    John Shaw

    Articles like your 'Top 20 in 2020' are the reason B/R is a joke, and has zero credibility. No Kawhi, Giannis ahead of Klay, Westbrook over Curry and Harden? Wiggins over Curry Harden and Westbrook? Do you watch basketball? GTFO 10 year old

  • Small Fundamental posted 21 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Kawhi Leonard won't be a top 20 player, huh... Jesus H.. How the hell do you have a job writing NBA articles...

  • Chris Sanchez posted 21 days ago

    Chris Sanchez

    Josh, serious question... do you honestly think Kawhi Leonard will not be one of the top 20 players in the NBA five years from now?

  • Jaden L posted 39 days ago

    Jaden L

    Man, you a beast!

  • jhon alex posted 46 days ago

    jhon alex

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  • laik kakai posted 60 days ago

    laik kakai

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