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  • Kwame Fisher-Jones posted 2201 days ago

    Kwame Fisher-Jones

    Wud Perk is who we thought he was. Dont let him off the hook.

  • DPR posted 2420 days ago


    Where did you go Wud?

  • Artur Muravyov posted 2436 days ago

    Artur Muravyov

    "At some point more experience really just means old" guess what you are wrong!finally you are overrated thunder is losing after so many comments about how good your thunder is about their great bench,talent,athleticism,durant,westbrook and whatever your team is going down haha.

    BTW to be honest i didnt excepted that they will reach the WCF before the playoffs so they surprised me but when you have only 2 guys who can score in your starting lineup you will loose games eventually...

    oh and if they will win the series eventually i will quit B/R

  • rickey jackson posted 2447 days ago

    rickey jackson

    OK then whats the point of messaging me then If I'm so stupid?Perkins is no saint so you can't judge Bynum without talking about your own team.

  • rickey jackson posted 2450 days ago

    rickey jackson

    I never said anything stupid we gave away games 1 and 3 and got whooped in 2 and especially 4.Thunder are down also.

  • DPR posted 2453 days ago


    Good luck to your Thunder, they are the future of the West.

  • Kwame Fisher-Jones posted 2456 days ago

    Kwame Fisher-Jones

    SSSSSSSSSSSSShhhhhhhhhhhhh If you listen closely you will hear the heartbeats of Thunder fans. It is a heartbeat that sounds like Sasquatch feet, thundering vibrating the concrete.

    Good luck on game two.

  • rickey jackson posted 2456 days ago

    rickey jackson

    Please the Lakers gave that game away in the final minute.The Thunder were dominated from the beginning after a day of rest come on guy.Will Zach look like a HOF again tonight.As if this loss makes OKC look any better lol.

  • DPR posted 2458 days ago


    Trivia Question for Wud: When was the last time an 8th seed made the Conference Finals?
    DPR's answer: Well it's about to me Memphis LOL!

  • Kwame Fisher-Jones posted 2458 days ago

    Kwame Fisher-Jones

    Wud are you ready to agree with me on Perkins?