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  • Showtime posted 918 days ago


    Oh a trash Celtics fan. No wonder.

  • Eric Jiang posted 1172 days ago

    Eric Jiang

    Hello fellow Celtics fan.

  • Long gone posted 1172 days ago

    Long gone

    How are u?

  • Long gone posted 1173 days ago

    Long gone

    Whats up?

  • Michael Dunlap posted 1194 days ago

    Michael Dunlap

    Hey man, I'm sorry that my links bother you. For every link you see, there are two comments without links. Take care and good luck to your C's.

  • Pedro Moran posted 1211 days ago

    Pedro Moran

    Why hello there fellow celtic fan i appreciate the fan add, and i also realized we have many similar favorite athletes

  • Mojo Jojo posted 1215 days ago

    Mojo Jojo

    Hey fellow C's fan, thanks for the shout! I've read your comments on other posts before, you have good insight. I love talking about basketball, especially Celtics basketball so feel free to drop a message.

  • Long gone posted 1235 days ago

    Long gone


  • Long gone posted 1257 days ago

    Long gone


  • Talha K. posted 1265 days ago

    Talha K.

    I see yours as well Warlando. I gotta say I love your username. You are intelligent and a strong Celtic soldier. I have seen you in battle before.