Matt Woodman

Matt Woodman


Hey, hows it goin?
I'm 17 year old Matt Woodman from Lower Sackville Nova Scotia which is outside of Halifax. I absolutly love hockey and the NHL and have always been a huge Montreal Canadiens fan. Theres a couple of reasons why I'm here... 1) to talk to people who actually know hockey and can talk about it in an educated way other than saying something like"Habs suck!" and 2) my dream in life is to become an NHL broadcaster or play by play specialist for a major network. I figure this is a good place to start and gain a little bit of experience and practice. Thanks!

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  • Matt Eichel posted 3296 days ago

    Matt Eichel

    Hey Matt, gotta question for ya. What's your favourite Montreal Canadiens nickname? "The Senator"? "Knuckles"?

    Vote for you favourites,

  • Miah D. posted 3323 days ago

    Miah D.

    hey Matt!

    what do u think of this Gaborik rumor? should we trade Higgins and Halak?

    by the way, did u see the game yesterday?

    our community leader has an issue for us to discuss,


  • Miah D. posted 3327 days ago

    Miah D.

    yeah, i was hoping too that they would healthy scrath dandenault instead of begin. at least, begin can hit and now, score lucky goals! dandenault is ... filling the number!

    I really have no idea when Chipchura will be playing his first official game ...

    I am actually just going to watch the introduction ceremony, I have an exam tomorrow! there is also the LA Dodgers fighting for their life tonight ... so I ll be busy !! lol

    take care, enjoy the game!

    Miah ;)

  • Miah D. posted 3327 days ago

    Miah D.


    Laraque will be in uniform tonight!!

    Miah ;)

  • Miah D. posted 3355 days ago

    Miah D.

    hey there !

    i see i missed a lot of stuffs lately (as judging on the previous messages on ur board!)
    still, I havent been able to correspond with u yet,

    so "hi", and I hope to hear from u soon, on B/R!

    Miah ;)
    ps: must be glad to have Brisebois back!

  • Matt Eichel posted 3393 days ago

    Matt Eichel

    I have no idea what happened to Miah. Your guess is as good as mine. I'll keep you posted.

  • Matt Eichel posted 3395 days ago

    Matt Eichel

    For sure Matt, that's what the plan is. If Miah was around lately, I'd probably get her and you and some others to come on the show.

  • Matt Eichel posted 3396 days ago

    Matt Eichel

    Yeah man, August is the pits. But once training camp starts then it's exciting.

  • Matt Eichel posted 3422 days ago

    Matt Eichel

    You think the Habs are going to get Brisebois back for another season?

  • Greg Caggiano posted 3422 days ago

    Greg Caggiano

    Thanks for becoming a fan!