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Tyler Morris

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I was born in the Queen City, aka Charlotte, NC. I am not a fan of anything from North or South Carolina thought. I was born into a West Virginia Mountaineer family. Since the day I came into this Earth I have bled Gold and Blue. My love of the Denver Broncos comes from the first Super Bowl I remember watching in 1997. I feel in love with John Elway and the team and that love has never faded. The Chicago Blackhawks craze is from my grandfather buying me Blackhawks stuff when I was a kid, and when I started to follow the sport again back in 2005 I naturally was drawn into a love for the team. Growing up walking distance from the Charlotte Knights (the AAA team for the White Sox) is why I am such a die-heart fan despite growing up in Braves country. The Charlotte Hornets have been a love of mine since before I could walk. I loved watching the Hornets play and I'm so pumped to have the team brand coming back to the Queen City. That's me, I love my teams and I love sports, that's about all you need to know.

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