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  • Pdfor3 posted 1456 days ago


    ya but wiggins can beef up. he might not be as dominant as lebron but he can still be dominant. he already has the vertical tools

  • Peter Kelley posted 1494 days ago

    Peter Kelley

    F8ck off douche

  • Calvin Rice posted 1505 days ago

    Calvin Rice

    Wassup King, Fried Rice is back! Hope u didn't die!

  • The Cowardula posted 1530 days ago

    The Cowardula

    Dude have u died???

  • Long gone posted 1534 days ago

    Long gone

    Well, you know......

  • Long gone posted 1536 days ago

    Long gone

    Where you been?

  • Patrick Star posted 1537 days ago

    Patrick Star

    Lmao wth?

  • Patrick Star posted 1539 days ago

    Patrick Star

    It looks lime an ape that just ate a warhead hahahaha

  • Patrick Star posted 1539 days ago

    Patrick Star

    Hmm King James huh? You profile picture sure doesn't look like a king …

  • Dwight Coward posted 1563 days ago

    Dwight Coward

    man tell me how much coward sucks right now dawg.