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  • mazoomy, the third posted 14 hours ago

    mazoomy, the third

    Yeah I expected... more from the end of the transfer window. Martial was wayyyy too expensive. You can get proven world class players for less than that. I won't hold his fee against him as a player, because he didn't decide his value, but for this to be worth it to the club he'd have to become world class within a couple seasons and stay with us for the long haul. At least you've seen him before, I'd never even heard of him before this lol.

    I don't think Mueller will leave Bayern. The board will do everything they can to convince him to stay, and it's his home club. Things would need to get really sour for him to leave at this stage of his career I think. Plus, he's basically become the face of the club now that Schweinsteiger is gone, and with Lahm nearing the end of his career he will be the undisputed face of the club. The current board won't survive if they allow him to leave.

    I never really read into what happened with Xabi Alonso. I don't think I'd like Guardiola either in person. He seems like he's possessed half the time.

    I'm not so worried about our youngsters after this ridiculous transfer window. We no longer have depth anywhere but in central midfield. We're so thin everywhere else that with 1 injury we'll basically have to play our youngsters.

    LvG's tactics have been a mixed bag for me. He's got the foundation laid down for a possession based team, which is fine, but it seems we're playing possession for the sake of possession, which is a thing of the past. Even Barca don't play like that anymore. Now that we have this current crop of players and we only need some glitter sprinkled here and there (and we can do so without having to sell players to make space) it's time for a new manager. LvG lays the foundation, and someone else brings the real success.

    That's good to hear about you guys. I hope you guys can make it far in the next world cup. A world cup semi-final lineup of Germany, France, South Korea and Japan would be ideal for me lol. And Ki is awesome! I'd love to have him on one of the teams I regularly watch.

    I was kind of hoping that we'd be the ones signing Son, just so that I could then rub it into my brother's face that his favourite player now plays for my team lol.

    Memphis is definitely trying too hard. I like players with the confidence to shoot when the opportunity is there (Kroos for example) but I don't like those that try to open up space for a shot whenever they have the ball even though it costs possession. That's not to say I never want to see it, because sometimes there really isn't a way through at the moment, but in general it bothers me.

    I don't like making excuses for Rooney anymore. It's not that he's too used to playing midfield IMO it's just that he sucks now. The guy is 30 years old and has been playing since 16, in all likelihood he's burned out. Plus his physique was never one for a long career, and his touch has always been erratic. Someone needs to sit his ass on the bench now lol.

    Yeah I can definitely understand where you're coming from. I've got a stereotypically German pragmatic approach to winning, so it doesn't bother me too much if we're not terribly exciting (remember, we were way different before 2006). If it's effective it's good enough for me. I also watch quite a few teams now so I can get my fix of different styles from different teams. BVB for example provides the balls to the wall attacking that you're craving. Oh that reminds me, Sportsnet in Canada has gotten the exclusive rights to the Bundesliga and they offer a full "soccer" package in online streaming. I get to watch all games live, and I also have access to them on demand after they air. It makes me a happy camper to be able to watch all the German clubs I want :D

    Futsal wouldn't be for me I'm afraid. First of all my leg coordination is ass. That first and foremost would make me terrible for it (never been a fantastic athlete). Secondly I'm kind of one-dimensional in what I can do. I can defend. That's pretty much it. I'm good at reading people so that's how I can do it, because I'm not a superior athlete to anyone I've played with lol. Never played on turf myself. I have played on some very shitty fields though and have had major dirt burns from sliding. Those burned like a mofo.

    Hmm I can't even remember what David Teo said abut South Korea. My brother visited this past week, which made things kind of crazy for me, and this past month I've gone full throttle in trying to get into better shape. That's left me in a largely half-comatose state whenever I'm not working or working out. Glad to know I had your back though.

    I don't really watch Atleti so I've never really seen too much of Koke, but from your description I like what I'm hearing. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against Spanish players innately (or South Americans for that matter), I just don't like how most of them play. Robben plays similarly so even though I like most Dutch players I hate him. As long as a player plays the way I like then I have no issues with where they're from. Luiz Gustavo is another example of a Brazilian I like. No frills to his play, just solid defense and a no-nonsense approach to the game. Beautiful.

    Douglas Costa, now he has surprised me. I've taken a personal oath to avoid watching Bayern this season, but what I have seen of him has been more than impressive. I actually liked what I saw of him in Shakhtar before he signed for Bayern, but he never really showed world class quality. He didn't look like he'd be ready for a top club and so I was very worried about how expensive he was at first. But man, that guy has gone above and beyond what anyone expected. He does try a few fancy things here and there, but mostly he just plays like a physical machine, bursting up and down the wings at an incredible pace. He's playing like Valencia physically, with Ribery's skills. Plus, the guy is super unselfish and tries to be a creator first, which is a huge plus for me.

    Seriously though, Bayern could not have known he'd turn out like this. The guy never looked this good at Shakhtar, ever. On the one hand I think he represented just as much risk as signing a guy like Herrmann, so before he started playing at Bayern I was kind of mad that they'd signed another Brazilian. Herrmann was proven BuLi quality, a German international, and he looked like he needed a bigger club to take the next step in his development. But I certainly can't argue with how Costa has performed.

    Our pool of forwards is poor. Hopefully this means that LvG has abandoned his ridiculous plan of playing a pseudo-4-4-2.

    Let's not fail to mention that the 3 goals he did score were served up on a platter against Brugge, and all were in one match.

    Since both K L and you both are really fond of Laporte I would imagine he has to be quite the player. Let's sign his ass up. I mean, we've already shown a propensity for paying absurd amounts of money for teenagers, so paying a similar amount for Laporte really shouldn't be a problem.

    If LvG makes Ander leave I want him gone before the transfer goes through so we can keep him. Ander > LvG.

    The first episode of FTWD was ass. So boring. Nothing happened. The characters didn't do anything special either. I liked Nick and that's pretty much it. Second episode was much, much better though. You should definitely keep watching.

    Will start watching Arrow soon. I don't have any show on my plate right now so I can start it soon.

    Ermmm Spartacus is way more softcore porno than GoT. Every episode basically has one really graphic sex scene. It's pretty awesome! lol

    Ohhh I do like mysteries so maybe I'll read Conan. It always just seemed a bit kiddy looking to me so I didn't take it serious. I'll try reading it after I get caught up in Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo and Girls of the Wilds (Korean btw!).

    Yankee-kun to Megane-chan actually translates to the Yankee boy and the Glasses girl, they just gave it a different name in English lol. It starts out as a bit of a gag manga but then becomes more like a comedy slice of life one. The nostalgia comes from the way they actively progress through high school, from first year to their graduation. I dunno, I just love it.

    I've read a couple football manga. Giant Killing, I think the name was, was my favourite but I got caught up and stopped following for some reason. The main character in that one is the coach of the team so it has a different flavour compared to the other ones focus on individual players. You should check out Eyeshield 21 if you ever get a chance. It's about American football, but it's my favourite sports manga ever.

    Yeah, T-Bag goes a bit beyond a little chaos. He's allegedly a pedo, and he's like the resident prison new-guy rapist...

  • Jihoon Nam posted 11 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    I didnt get to watch the Brugge game :( but yeah, I heard Memphis was great, and we need a winger like that. but it does sound like he plays too aggressively, too selfish sometimes and tries to flash out his skills too much. Sounds like a combination of Ronaldo, Januzaj last year and Robben to me lol

    I also havent been watching our NT! hahahaha ive been busy with college haha. Who's the star striker now?

  • mazoomy, the third posted 13 days ago

    mazoomy, the third

    Ehhh at this point I don't even care anymore if Mueller and Goetze leave, especially if they were to come to United. The way Bayern handled the Schweinsteiger situation killed me inside, when it comes to the club at least. It's unacceptable to passive aggressively force a club legend like Schweinsteiger into a situation where he feels he has to leave to get the respect, contract, and minutes he deserves. I'm sure Guardiola would have equally pissed if some German coach went to Barca and pushed Xavi out behind the scenes, especially if the club backed the manager in that situation.

    Anyway, Mueller will definitely not leave because Rummenigge knows that if he lets him go the fans would lynch him and Guardiola. He practically said as much himself. No way they let him go.

    Yeah it is a bit sad that there are so many non-United players in the side right now, but over the course of the summer we have reduced the number quite a bit. At least now, in the situation where we rotate one of our starters in the attacking positions, after Young we really only have youth products to fill in, which is very good. I'm kind of hoping we don't sign anybody else just to make sure they get a chance to develop, though I would also like to see new faces in for footballing reasons.

    Never liked Ronaldinho lol. Granted, I didn't have access to club football while he was in his prime, but he was a Brazilian, and they beat us in the final in 2002. Back then all my bandwagoner extended family on my dad's side were all Brazil fans too, and they would love to rub it in. Now of course they're all Argentina and Germany fans. Fucking plastics.

    Anyway, I'm okay with flair if it serves a purpose, and isn't flair for the sake of flair. For example, Ribery. The guy does some fancy stuff from time to time, but it's always because it's the best way to get to where he wants to be and not because he's trying to show off. Robben for that matter too, but I hate him for different reasons (shooting whenever he feels like it, which is always). Teamplay is definitely number 1 for me. I don't even mind the way we're playing right now because it's all teamplay. Okay, I don't really like Memphis. He reminds me too much of Robben lol

    What I do hate though is our formation. It's almost a 4-2-3-1, which is great, except it isn't. It's more like a 4-2-2-2. Why does LvG suddenly feel like having a second forward behind the striker is a good idea? WHY? We never have a guy making great passes in the middle anymore because of it. It pisses me off. Just play a 4-3-3/4-1-4-1, it suits us so much better.

    I cringe during LvG's interviews lol.

    Darmian was a bit too grope-y against Micah Richards for my tastes. Too risky. Smalling does it too. It's all fine until they give a penalty away. Hope he cuts back on it a bit. Otherwise though, definitely a straight up G.

    I didn't enjoy Memphis' performance. Like, at all. Sure, I was a bit impressed that he managed to get the shots in, but all in all it was offensive to what I believe in lol. Basically, read this article about Robben and you'll know how I feel about the two of them.

    I'm not Dutch, but I have the same beliefs when it comes to how to play. Memphis only hits the first point, which is why I don't hate him, but at the same time I don't like him. He's a necessary evil sometimes, but in an ideal world I wouldn't want him on my team lol. I just can't like players like that.

    See, I don't get too excited by shots. They bother me whenever they aren't the best answer in the situation. I don't mind a match where we only have 1-2 shots as long as the players are actively trying to carve up the defense, and are taking up positions and making passes that threaten to open the other team way up if they are executed well. That's not to say that I've enjoyed the way we've played, because I haven't since we were boring AF, but that's down to the team seemingly lacking an attacking cutting edge rather than lacking in shots.

    But I digress, sometimes you need a player like Memphis. He's a necessary evil. I just hope he gets less selfish.

    It is fun to be a striker. Sometimes, when I got too fed up with my teammates leaving me stranded in the back I would just say fuggit and head up too. Score a goal, take off my shirt and twirl it around as I run around going crazy. Then I go back to watching 4 attacking players rush at me alone in the back. It was a good thing they all thought they were Robben or Messi and they often tried to dribble past me, because if they'd passed the ball like a decent human being I would stopped only about 1/3 of the attacks I actually did lol

    Yup, that about sums up my family. I also have an older brother who is settled with a Filipino girl whose family knows Stephen Harper, aka the Prime Minister of Canada. Her uncle was his roommate at Uni or something. Strange family. Also, my dad is Afghan, but he's descended from the Genghis Khan Mongolian conquerers. Most of my family on his side looks super "Asian".

    That is my cousin. Legitimately. Most of them look like that to varying degrees.

    Yeah trolling can be fun, but there are just too many now on B/R. 4 out of every 5 comments seem to be someone trolling, or someone else falling for the troll.

    Oh yeah, I love Javi Martinez. He's like the most German Spanish player ever. He's even flat out said he prefers the Bundesliga to La Liga. I also love Herrera and Mata, and I would probably like Ramos better if he played on a team other than Real. In fact, if I think about it I don't particularly hate too many Spanish players (South Americans though...) I just don't like having a Spanish core at the biggest German club.

    Rooney is useless. Sure, he didn't look as disastrous against Brugge and Newcastle, but he certainly didn't look good. Chicharito has looked good, as did Fellaini, so do I want to see how they'd do starting up front. But the transfer window is almost closed so we don't have a lot of time to test it out.

    And I disagree on the problems surrounding dropping Rooney. I think it's necessary for the squad's morale. How are our other strikers like Wilson, Chicharito and Fellaini (I guess it's fair to include him here now) supposed to feel when Rooney is guaranteed to start just because he's captain? They'll know that they'll never get a fair shot and then what's there to motivate them? I say drop him now and give the others a chance to impress. There have been plenty of captains on the bench in recent years. Besides, Smalling is a beast and he can captain us just fine :D

    Fear the Walking Dead, tomorrow!!!!!!

    I stopped watching Gotham at about episode 8 or so. Maybe I'll finish the season at some point. And will do. I'll watch Arrow. I saw 2 episodes or so on Netflix before and I thought it was really cool, just waiting for a good time when I'm not into anything else to start it for real.

    You didn't watch Spartacus? That show was like a softcore porno disguised as 300, with more swinging meat than any tv show should have, but it was offset well by the number of breasticles and sex scenes in the show. The action was also good. I recommend it. Fair warning though, you see more of Crixus' "sword" than pretty much anyone else, especially in season 1. The guy is either fighting, or naked, or "fighting" naked in every scene he's in.

    Yes, Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel Unlimited is awesome. If you want to get into Marvel comics check it out.

    Haven't read Conan, but my manga game is pretty strong too. My favourite is... Yankee-kun To Megane-chan. Other people think I'm crazy, but w/e I can't help it. It's hilarious, and it just hits so much nostalgia about high school and the feelings you get as you progress through the years. You should at least check it out, since it's my favourite. No guarantees you'll like it since it's not a very popular manga and my friends who've read it find it average, but still, check it out! Other series I loved were Eyeshield 21, Naruto (like pretty much everyone lol), Liar Game, Beelzebub, Nisekoi, Yamada-kun To 7-nin No Majo, Highschool of the Dead, and many many more.

    Nope, I haven't seen Fargo. But I'm very interested now lol. Have you seen Prison Break? I watch it now as I exercise at night. T-Bag is my favourite character. Is there something wrong with me that I always like the characters most people despise?

  • mazoomy, the third posted 26 days ago

    mazoomy, the third

    Hmmm... well I like to act a bit modest so let's go with a 99/100 rating on FIFA for getting banned. You have to send the message to kids that you can always improve, even if you are the best lol.

    Yeah I'm glad you can understand where I'm coming from about Bayern. It's less so a problem with United because I'm not English and so there's no real national pride in seeing English players excel at United. It'd be like if Korea had a massive international club who have always maintained a very strong Korean core regardless of whether they were currently among the best in the world or not, and now suddenly with a South American manager the core of the team is being replaced with Argentinians and Brazilians who don't even represent a real improvement on the selection of players you had. There's nothing xenophobic about not liking that lol. And that's, of course, especially true if your country has just won the World Cup. National pride is at an all-time high for me in terms of football, and suddenly my favourite players are being pushed out of Bayern (academy graduates no less in Schweinsteiger and Kroos) for very similar players while a guy like Rafinha, who has always been one of the least talented players in the squad, has somehow become a regular with the manager's full trust.

    Ditto on the United academy products. For United that's always been massively important for me. It's why I always stuck by guys like Cleverley, Welbeck, Fletcher, Evans, and I'll continue to stand by the new ones. And Lingard better not be sold. For some reason, I get the best feelings from him out of our attacking youth players (McNair and Johnstone have me the most excited though).

    Exaaactly! You've really got me figured out. I can't stand overly fancy players who try to do too much flair-y stuff. Or guys with a hugely individualistic style of play. Like Robben, for example. I like most Dutch players, but Robben? Hate the guy.

    Unfortunately I rarely watch the Olympics, so I didn't see that game. Sounds like it was an awesome match though :D

    Okay, you can be a young SAF instead lol. And while I don't necessarily believe the rumours of discord in the squad, it's certainly not out of the question when LvG is involved. The guy creates enemies for himself wherever he goes, though I've found he's perhaps mellowed out a little since joining us. Maybe he's trying harder to be a jolly old man. Probably not.

    I'm glad he's gone too. The guy was a serious threat to Young's position if he regained form. LOL I'm kidding (I'm not, I'm selfish like that sometimes). It had more to do with him being a fkn snake. I'm gonna miss Rafael too man. The guy was a warrior and always had the badge in his heart. In a way, he reminds me of Park for his utter commitment to the cause. I'm loving Darmian, don't get me wrong about that, but I kind of wish Rafael was still around too. Too bad they couldn't both be first choice. Let's hope he has plenty of success in his career, and he faces us in Old Trafford so that the fans can show him their appreciation.

    Yeah I'm not that fond of Memphis, but he suits the #7. He's confident to the point of being borderline cocky, but he's a hard worker like Ronaldo. He can be the kind of x-factor, goal-scoring, game-changing player who best represents the shirt. Let's just hope he reaches that level and decides to stay with us.

    CL is on it's way with Basti. No doubt about it :D I belieeeeve.

    Damn, your dad sounds awesome. Are you any good? I've never played in any organized teams or anything, but whenever I play with friends I've played CB and done okay. The problem is that the guys I played with all played like Brazilians. Playing defense with them was like being paired with David Luiz. I was stranded a lot.

    And I have a confession to make. My dad is actually not German, he's Afghan. Yes, weird combination. The thing is, I fully consider myself German as I was born and raised there until we moved to Canada, plus I look fully German. Never been to Afghanistan. So with that being said, my dad actually looks like a big bellied (with skinny limbs) Japanese man. Or Sammo Hung.

    That's basically him with a different hair style. Guess your mind was just blown LOL.

    Yeah no local club. The closest city with a decent club was faaar away. And I can see if what I said about Bayern kind of gives off plasticy vibes. For me and United it'd be very different because in the Premier League there is no other club for me. In the Bundesliga though, we basically like every club. We just like German football lol. I guess the best way I could put it is that we're fans of German football, and Bayern has traditionally been the best representation of that, but we aren't Bayern fans so much as we are Bundesliga fans. We'd never even consider not supporting the Bundesliga, or not cheering for BuLi clubs (all of them) in all European competitions, but we aren't really tied to Bayern like that. That wasn't so clear to me before this whole thing with Guardiola started, but now I can recognize it, though deep down I've probably always known. It's most likely why my room has a gigantic Manchester United flag pinned to the wall and not a Bayern one lol.

    He does seem to like Kimmich a lot, just like he likes Lahm a lot. But instead of allowing guys like Kimmich, Hoibjerg and Rode to grow into the role that Basti left, he signed Vidal to fill it. How are these guys going to reach the next level if they aren't trusted? Kroos, Mueller and Alaba at one point weren't world beaters, but they got the trust and opportunity from their managers and now are undoubtedly world class players. I really don't like Guardiola.

    I'm the same about our signings. Darmian has been favourite so far, but Schneiderlin has me the most excited. The guy can be our Matic, or Javi Martinez. The kind of guy who takes us from being a good team to being champions.

    One thing I noticed in the Tottenham game was that Shaw was very reserved in his forward runs. It was better of him to allow Young to the lead the attack down the left, but I think he stepped too far back lol. It was a really mature performance from him though, and I can really appreciate that. There were almost no overlaps though lol.

    Yup I'm living in Canada. Pretty settled here and I'm a wizard in English (better than my German, unfortunately lol) so I don't really feel any great desire to leave. Definitely want to go to Manchester at the very least once, and I want to visit Germany again. But I don't think I'll leave Canada. Plus, it's great that there is a huge variety of girls here :D

    Rooney is zzzZZZ's. The guy isn't good enough for a club like ours anymore. Rare moments of magic are bench or Europa league qualities, not CL contenders.

    Could just call him Morgan. Quick, easy, unique in the squad. M-S Office lol. So lame it's funny.

    Yeahhh the torture nun is definitely gonna be a pivotal character. Just watch. Or maybe not. They aren't following the books anymore so not in the show. In the books though she'll end up on the iron throne at some point, like you said lol.

    Fear the Walking Dead starts later this month!

    Gotham let me down. I really liked the Penguin portrayal though. Anyway, what irks me about it is the lack of... superheroes and supervillains. I watched a couple episodes of Arrow and liked what I saw... then proceeded to forget to go back to it lol.

    OMMFFFGGGG that's CRIXUSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!!

    The difference between Inhumans and mutants is quite small. Basically the mutants are a natural mutation while the Inhumans were experimented on by the Kree during humanity's infancy. They were, classically, a secluded community. They kept from the rest of the world and ended up in space at one point. Actually, they played a key role in Starlord's origin. Anyway, they have locked qualities in their genes which become unlocked when they're exposed to something called Terrigen. That makes them take on their "true" form and they gain a power, which can be just about anything. For example, one of the most prominent Inhumans is Black Bolt, and his power is that his voice destroys anything in it's path (think Cyclops' eyes, but stronger). They are, for all intents and purposes, practically identical to mutants but Marvel owns the movie rights to them.

    They've recently brought them more to the forefront, as I've said. They are showing up in other series more often, and they have a new series, Inhuman, which is, in a word, awesome. If you're into comics like me, might I suggest Marvel Unlimited? You pay a monthly fee of $10 and get a huuuge library of comics to read online.

    Thanks for the K-Drama name. I actually think my brother started watching it already lol.

  • mazoomy, the third posted 39 days ago

    mazoomy, the third

    LOL Yes I've seen the Ed memes. They were hilarious, and frankly you have been too in the comments sections. Any time you mentioned him it made me laugh.

    While I have nothing against Vidal and he's a great player, I really don't like how Bayern seems to only be signing Spanish and Portuguese speaking players. The club's German core is getting less and less prominent, while the Spanish/Portuguese group of players is becoming that core. It's just so weird to see at a club like Bayern that has historically always been about having the national team play at the club. It wouldn't be such a big deal if there were some French players, a Croatian or two, maybe another Dutch player, etc mixed in as well, but nope, they're all either Spanish speaking or Brazilian. Some people have joked that the official training language will soon be Spanish. If this trend continues that may be the case soon :(

    Yeah China kinda sucks at football lol. I'm hoping you guys and Japan get even better so that the rivalry will become more intense. It's always great to see two teams in a heated match, plus the rivalry would inspire both sides to become better and better. Great for a guy like me who likes both lol.

    Ummm I dunno, I don't really think DDG has great distribution. Occasionally he sends in a good pass, but he also regularly sends the ball straight out. Against Chelsea, I believe it was, or maybe City, his kick went straight out and lead directly to them scoring against us. Either way, I'm really excited about Johnstone. If he can make the grade as a top class keeper then we're set and secure in the future with him being one of ours.

    If you were a coach you'd probably be like LvG was traditionally; young players love him because he develops them well and older players despise him for telling them they do everything wrong lol. Most top quality coaches are perfectionists so you'd be in good company.

    I agree that they're United buys through and through, and honestly in 2 seasons or so I can see all 3 being widely recognized as world class. I'm very excited for all them, but Memphis needs to stop being greedy :(

    I'm hoping Basti wins a CL with us. Over Bayern in the final. In Munich. Oh by the way, the reason he left is because the board was passive-aggressively pushing him out by making it known they didn't really need him (Pep said he could see the team without Schweinsteiger in the future) and by not assuring him of his contract. I hope he makes them bleed tears by breaking their hearts in a CL final. Bastian with the game winning goal. That'd be great.

    Hopefully after that Pep and KHR leave and I can fully get behind the team again.

    LOOOOOL about Kjaer. That's a legendary comment considering what clubs it's about.

    Yeah it's pretty great to have a family of football fans. We often all sit together and watch Bayern games (pretty much every knockout stage CL game, and my mom watches all CL games with me). And hey, my dad plays striker too, though he never really played for a team. Whenever he played with friends and family he would always play striker and be the most cherry-picking player I've ever seen. He was probably quite a bit worse than your dad lol.

    Honestly, it probably wasn't such a big deal for my mom to say that about Bayern. The reason is that it was never our local team and we really only started supporting Bayern because they have typically been the club level home of the national team. It just makes sense that if you don't have a local team and your national team's (which for us, like your parents, is more important than anything else football-wise) core traditionally plays for one club that you support that club. If Bayern no longer wants to be that club, and throws club legends out, like Bastian and the medical team, then it isn't a hard decision to stop watching them. It's like what I said in a comment on a Bayern article: if a club throws away their identity and traditions, is it really still the same club? Rather than supporting the "new" Bayern just because the crest is the same while everything else changed is actually harder than just finding a new club that embodies what you believe in.

    It's like with United. As much money as we throw around and whatever amount of stars we sign, our youth players will always be assured of getting their chance and our legends will always be respected by the club, even the ones who leave. If that were to change it'd be very hard to keep supporting United. Results aren't that important to me in terms of supporting a team, but the identity is everything. So like I said, it wasn't that hard for me or my mom to just move on from Bayern (for this season at least, hopefully they get back on track).

    Yup Guardiola brought those players in, made Rafinha a first team staple despite him being the least talented player in our first team picture, signed Costa (both Brazilian), and has now signed Vidal (Spanish speaking). Of those players Thiago, Rafinha, Bernat, Vidal, Costa, and Alonso are part of the first team rotation. Apparently he also wanted Neymar instead of Goetze but the board decided on Goetze. And while he did bring in those other players as well, none of them are in the first team picture except Rode, and he's just a substitute.

    Rant over lol.

    I'm a fan of Schmidt's as well but he sometimes needs to take his high-octane football down a notch or two lol. Some matches end up being super chaotic because of the way he sets his team out. He's very promising though. When I heard about losing the ball on purpose it made me laugh, but also made a bit of sense to me. Make the other team think their counter is on, strip the ball from them and then hit them with their players rushing forward. Waayyyy too risky for me though lol.

    I've also been super impressed with the signings. Schneiderlin and Darmian give me goosebumps. Since you brought up Shaw, I feel I have to mention that he would look much worse IMO if Young wasn't the one ahead of him. He is perfectly fine with taking a backseat approach to being the winger and playing in his FB insetad, which he's done to utter perfection. Practically any time Shaw was in a dangerous position it was because Young played him in. God I love that player lol.

    I also don't know why LvG was disappointed in Basti. Sure it wasn't his best match, but he wasn't terrible or "bad" as he put it. He also has to play with, compared to him at least, children for the most part. Play him with the rest of the first teamers and you'll see his quality.

    Oh I didn't know you were actually living in Korea. I figured you were living in the States. Did you move to Korea (back to Korea?) rather recently? Looking at the sports teams you like, there sure is a lot of Arizona on there so I assume you lived there at some point lol.

    I'd go with a similar formation to what you have, with a few differences (assuming we sign no one else)

    Darmian Jones Smalling Shaw
    Herrera Schneiderlin**
    Mata Memphis*** Young****

    * Unless DDG wants to sign an extension and pledge himself to the club, we're losing him anyway so I would rather just develop Johnstone. Better to have him ready a year earlier than to be (hopefully) CL contenders next season with a GK crisis after DDG leaves.

    ** Bastian's not the youngest anymore so I'd prefer him to sit deep and play like Carrick. That way there'd be a very small dropoff in quality and little impact on our playing style if we switch between them. Schneiderlin meanwhile is a box-to-box threat like Bastian was in his prime, so I want to release him to be a menace all over the pitch.

    *** Rooney's touch is so inconsistent that I would personally want him nowhere near the starting 11. How many times did he lose the ball or ruin a play against Barca because of his touch? At least 4 promising plays I think.

    **** You already know I have to sneak Young in there lol.

    What do you think?

    Have not seen that one. Will do so after I write this.

    Naaa it's GoT, Cersie loses, torture nun kills her then becomes a central character to the plot. Like Ramsay. Who would have thought he'd have this big a role when he was first introduced lol.

    I also want Pope to get some revenge (I wouldn't say killing Hal is justice lol). First of all, I like Pope and I think he looks a lot better bald (much more menacing). Secondly, he had done a lot for the 2nd Mass up to that point and deserved to get help in freeing Sarah. And third, he is absolutely right that Tom would have done any and everything to get back there if it was someone close to him.

    I find it believable that Anthony is going bad. As they stated, he is suffering from PTSD so he isn't really in his right frame of mind, and he's probably almost as angry as Pope is about Sarah about them pulling him out of the fight. It's become his reason for existing and they are denying him it. I think that deep down he knows it's a mistake and it feels like the character recognizes this at times, but he doesn't like the alternative any better. I find it believable, but then again I'm always relaxed about this kind of stuff and rarely find anything all too unbelievable.

    What'd you think of the latest episode of Falling Skies? It had a bit of that season 1 feel with localized problems instead of huge war effort problems and I loved it.

    Did you check out Dark Matter? And what was the name of that k-drama you were talking about? The name only came up in unrecognized characters lol.

    I don't think Deathstroke will be in this Suicide Squad movie. Maybe future ones. Don't know that much about him, but he's a badass old white guy right? If that's true, Liam Neeson is the only option lol.

    Have you heard of Inhumans? It looks like Marvel is pushing them towards the spotlight because they have the rights to them. I should explain that better lol. Basically they're like mutants but under a different name. Marvel can't put any mutants in their movies. To counter this (since Fox isn't going to be giving up the rights to them) they are trying to filter X-Men out of the spotlight in their comics and pushing Inhumans (a very similar concept to mutants) into the spotlight to boost their popularity. They've already made an appearance in Agents of SHIELD (haven't seen it yet) and will have a movie in 2019.

  • mazoomy, the second posted 48 days ago

    mazoomy, the second

    I forget who it was, before last year's transfer window I predicted that Woodward would prove us all wrong and be a beast. *Brushes off shoulder* you know I got that pro eye lol.

    And yeah, I also felt the same with those United legends leaving, though it's a bit worse with Schweinsteiger TBH since just the week before the move was finalised he was talking about staying for next season and winning a record 4th consecutive league title. Something happened to change his mind, something like Guardiola telling him he'd be playing a bit-part role. Maybe they were even in for Vidal anyway, and once he was made aware that he was effectively being replaced he decided a move away was the best for him. Either way, while he was certainly not forced out of the club, I do feel like he was forced to make the decision he made for his own good because of the club.

    Yeah you've pretty much summed up why I don't like it if the US wins anything football related with that last part lol. Still, credit where it's due, the women's team is well supported, as you said. The way the fans treated the Canadian tournament like a home one was admirable.

    Out of curiosity, I'm a big fan of Korea and Japan in general but I understand there is some cultural tension between the two. You said you can't stand losing to other Asian sides. Is that something particularly true for Japan, or does it not make a difference?

    I'm still convinced that if De Gea stays for this season he will sign an extension and stay. Even if he doesn't though, Sam Johnstone looked amazing! He was so proactive and sweeper-keeper like that I am very excited to see how he develops.

    I didn't know that about Van der Sar lol. After seeing Johnstone perform I'm not too hell bent on getting a new keeper though to be honest. Obviously it was only one match, but his reading and reactions were too good for it to be a coincidence. Other teams have also put their faith in young keepers before (like Leno at Leverkusen), and I wouldn't be mad if he became our #1. I'm getting really good feelings about him.

    Is it crazy to think we should just start the season with Jones and Smalling? Yes and no I'd say. Yes because our CBs are all crazy injury prone and once Smalling goes down we have no real leader at the back (unless Evans finds his form, and he did look good in that first preseason match). But if they could all stay healthy then I wouldn't say it is too crazy to suggest that. Our defense looked very solid towards the end of last season, and with Darmian here now to lighten the defensive burden on Smalling we might actually be quite safe across the back line.

    And yeah, I guess rash is a more apt descriptor for Jones than hot-headed lol. Still though, between them, McNair, a rejuvenated Evans, Rojo, Carrick and Blind we do have a decent selection of CBs, and if they can stay fit then who knows.

    I can definitely understand where you're coming from with trying to avoid buying too many players, especially established ones. I'm super excited about this years signings though because they all feel like classic United signings, even Bastian.

    While he isn't exactly what I had in mind in my last comment, I guess my top choice to be our new CB, in the event we sign one, would still be Hoewedes. Laporte is too young, Badstuber is in a never-ending injury hell. "Simon Kjaer.. is a Liverpool fan, so something must be wrong with him". That nearly put me in tears LOL.

    Unfortunately I don't really know anything about Henry outside of his footballing career :(

    I'm definitely considering not watching Bayern for now. I'm sick and tired of Guardiola and Rummenigge. My mom, who is also a very diehard German and Bayern fan, also feels the same. When I see the team play now it just doesn't feel like Bayern at all. She said it well "I might as well just watch Dortmund now because this isn't Bayern". I can't wait for Pep to leave. Actually she said something else that was really spot on about the changing face of Bayern under Pep and how he seems to be replacing all players with Spanish/Portuguese speaking ones: "You can't just put the badge on a bunch of Spanish players and expect anyone to believe that's FC Bayern Muenchen". More and more people fans are feeling this way, and one person even held up a sign at a training session (I believe it was) that read: "Pep and his slave Rummenigge are ruining this club". This season I will most likely be watching United and BVB primarily, and with the newfound time I have from not watching Bayern I'll be able to watch a lot more Wolfsburg, BMG and Leverkusen. I'm excited for that.

    What did you think of our signings (assuming you watched the match). You live in Arizona though (right?) so the time should have been just right for you anyway. It was on at 11 here on the east coast, so no issues for me, but in England it was on at like 4AM so sucks to be them lol.

    I am beyond excited for all our new signings except Memphis (can't help myself lol), but I was not a fan of the 4-4-1-1. That formation hurt my eyes. Also Blind was really rash at CB, which I hope was just rustiness.

    LOL that Conan video was awesome! All of them were hilarious (but man Sam, you sweat a lot broseph). I've only ever watched clips of any of the late-night talk shows (never a full episode) but Conan never seems to disappoint. He and Jimmy Fallon always kill me.

    I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE CERSEI GETS BACK AT THEM!!!! She's become one of my favourites on the show, and that's gonna be one of the highlights of next season. Hopefully she personally delivers the payback to torture nun (great name btw lol).

    Completely forgot Arya went blind... lol. Haven't explained it well? It seem like they haven't explained it at all lol. I have zero clue as to what's going on in most of her arc for the past season. I'll probably do some research online to find out more about it.

    Ya those Clegane Bowl videos are just hilarious. Did you watch any others?

    These 2 killed me. Mathis, GET DOWN!!!! LOOL

    Don't worry about the director saying their dead, because Jon Snow technically is dead physically. He isn't lying lol.

    Definitely not a fan of the love triangle in Falling Skies (also because Ben is like what, 17 in the show?), but I'm still completely hooked on the show. What happened to Pope this past episode was crazy. Can't wait to see what he does now.

    Cool, definitely watch Dark Matter then. I'm really enjoying it.

    Did you see the Comic Con trailers for Deadpool and Suicide Squad? I'm amped for both. Too bad it's all 2016...

  • Jihoon Nam posted 53 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    holy crap i cant believe we actually got schweinsteiger lmao

  • Monkey D.Luffy posted 53 days ago

    Monkey D.Luffy

    hey bro! too late what i think of darmian now lol, he is ours! haha! but i usually watch the seria a league due to my first crush being ac milan, till united stole my heart for ever when i was around 4-5. So i have seen him play and he is quality player. He is a barging as he will return us every penny we spent and then some! This deal reminds me of evra or vidic deal, he may not become club legends like them, but he sure will be a fan favourite quickly like herrera. Also we r not messing around this transfer boy! we got bastian and morgan and darmian in like a week! sweet deals bro sweet deals. I wont mind if we get ramos around 30 mil pound max, no more tho. Although i would prefer someone like ottamendi or some other quality cb to last us till the next generation of youngers come along. LVG is saving our assess here with these barging buys. And a shout out to my main man ed woodward, doubted him that he was the wrong man to appoint, but the last 2 transfers he has been ace. Our future looks bright, one bad season and apparently we were gone, but we aint leaving baby!!

  • mazoomy, the second posted 54 days ago

    mazoomy, the second

    And boom, BBC. Done deal.

  • mazoomy, the second posted 54 days ago

    mazoomy, the second

    Holy fkn Christ it seems we got Schneiderlin now too. Ed Woodward don't play around...