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Manchester United.

My 2014-15 lineup (realistic). Updated 8/6/14

Ideal starting XI (no injuries)

GK- David De Gea (Anders Lindegaard)*
RWB- Rafael (Valencia/ Marnick Vermijl promoted)
RCB- Phil Jones (Chris Smalling)
CB- Chris Smalling (Michael Keane/Daley Blind)
LCB- Jonny Evans (Tyler Blackett)**
LWB- Luke Shaw (Ashley Young/Blind)
RCM- Ander Herrera (Michael Carrick)
CAM- Juan Mata (Shinji Kagawa/Jesse Lingard)
LCM- Arturo Vidal (Blind/Kagawa)***
RST- RVP (Danny Welbeck/James Wilson)
LST- Rooney (Adnan Januzaj) ****

On loan: Nick Powell, James Wilson, Will Keane, Reece James, Jesse Lingard *****

Sold: Luis Nani, Patrice Evra, Anderson, Bebe, Chicharito.

*I just realized we have an Ander Herrera and an Anders Lindegaard. Anyway...
**Tyle Blackett may provide one of the CBs competition for their first team place. Assured in possession and calm in defense.
***Vidal move possible. Many options available: Daley Blind can also play in midfield if needed. Kagawa in midfield as silky alternative against weaker sides.
****Januzaj as alternative forward for now in this formation. Can slot in at CAM as well (cup ties?)
*****Really like Lingard. Hope he is able to get more playing time, perhaps when/if LVG changes to a 4-3-3

My DREAM signing:
MARCO REUS (LW, AM, RW) - The next great #11

Also....Phoenix Suns. University of Arizona athletics (basketball, football, baseball).

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  • Jihoon Nam posted 8 hours ago

    Jihoon Nam

    Sorry for the late reply lol i haven't had access to my laptop for a damn long while, so I couldn't access the boards

    Well di Maria is great news, but wtf, our results lol. A draw with Sunderland, a loss to Swansea, and 4-0 to MK DONS LOL.... Well, not really "lol" it really looks problematic haha

    I think these are the things that need to be addressed:

    1. Abandon the 3-back formation. I was never a big fan of the 3-back, and I think a 3-5-2 does not really mesh with the type of squad we have . I think we would be best suited for a 4-2-3-1, even if that is pretty normal now. Yes Rojo can play in all defensive positions, but the CBs we have are pretty injury prone. And we have shown some serious defensive lapses with the trio we've played with so far and that's been causing us a lot. We also can't play Januzaj at all in a 3-5-2. I think a 4-2-3-1 would really suit our team a lot better, we can uuse something like this:

    Rafael Jones/Evans/Smalling/Rojo Shaw
    Herrera Fletcher (Vidal*/Carrick)
    Januzaj/Valencia Mata Young

    * If he comes, I doubt it though
    ** We should have sold van Persie, but if we do go through with the 3-5-2 then it would be Rooney and RVP up top but I really think we shouldve sold RVP

    2. This batch of young talent is NOT the class of '92. I think we've massively overrated these guys, we can't be playing 1 or 2 of them week in week out. Blackett looks solid, but apart from him and Januzaj, I think it's very risky to deploy these guys week in and week out. Keane looks alright, but we can't play him over the 4 strikers we have.

    This is the dilemma though, it's too risky to play them week in week out but it is also too much of a waste to keep loaning them or letting them play with the reserves.

    3. We should not sell Welbeck. There are so many rumors about him but please... He's way better than Chicharito in my opinion, and Chicha can be sold for a bit higher price, I think.

  • mazoomy posted 15 hours ago


    Yeah G Neville is such a good pundit/columnist. I think he'd also make a fantastic Director of Football or manager. He seems to really know his stuff.

    We'd definitely regret letting Welbeck go. He needs to polish off a few aspects of his game, but then we'd be looking at a borderline world class striker. He has the physique, athleticism and engine to be one of the best, and he's been getting better. No sense in selling him now. Agreed on RvP/Rooney, I thought from the beginning that it might not work with them. They can still prove me wrong, but signs aren't looking encouraging.

    Yeah I heard Khedira is staying. It's too bad really, he could have been a perfect signing for us. Hopefully you're right and we do push hard for Vidal.

    Watched the video for Lucas Silva. He looks decent but there were a few things I noticed.

    First of all defensively he looked good at putting in tackles, but I saw very, very few interceptions. That means he's either not good at it, the league (most likely) has a very individualistic attacking style in general, or a combination of the two. Either way though, it means we can't be sure of how well he would do in a league where teams try to pass the ball forward rather than running it forward. I saw him have to come from the back and take ball off a player who was past him, which might mean that he isn't so good at intercepting passes at all.

    Secondly his passing did look pretty good, but I couldn't help but notice that he often wasn't under much pressure. Also, defensively some of these teams were terrible and a better team might have snatched up some of those passes he played. To be fair though, when he was under pressure he seemed to conduct himself well, but it was of course a highlight video so I'd need a proper viewing of him before I made up my mind on this.

    Ultimately he looks like a gamble to me. He could be a revelation, but he could also be a flop. IMO not quite what we need right now as we want proven talent who will take us to the top 4.

    Don't worry about, I'm excited about the Korean NT too. I love to hear about it from you. That's really awesome to hear about those youngsters. Imagine if the next "Next best player in the World" was a Korean player! How great would that be for you guys as a footballing nation? Anyway, exciting stuff. I watched the video and the kid looks like a little magician.

    What I was thinking about, formation wise, was something like this. I brought it up with someone else, let me know what you think.
    I was just thinking while I was at work about the 4-3-3, and I had what I believe is a pretty good idea about what we could do, and it solves the defensive conundrum I brought up before as well. It's similar to something you suggested before.

    Rafael Evans Rojo Shaw
    Rooney Herrera
    Di Maria RvP Mata

    Evans probably had a stinker of a game today, but he has been quality for the past few seasons so I won't look too far into this. He can be the leader and organizer in the back while Rojo is the athletic, physical presence. Shaw and Rafael are a given at FB. Jones get's to perform what I feel is his best role, as a pure DM. He's shown in his frequent forays forward that he isn't actually that bad on the ball, and I'm sure LvG could improve him a bit in that regard still. Plus LvG has always preferred a defensive hard-man in the midfield, and Jones certainly fits the script. Best of all, his ultra defensive presence gives the advanced CM pairing of Herrera and Rooney to play their natural games and push forward more or less at will.

    Mata (Kagawa might ultimately be the better fit here though) can be free to drift inside with Shaw ready to provide width, Di Maria is our bonafide winger on the right and RvP is the striker. The best part is though that this lineup can shift to a 3-5-2:

    Evans Jones Rojo
    Rafael Di Maria Herrera Shaw
    Rooney RvP

    and 4-2-3-1:

    Rafael Evans Rojo Shaw
    Jones Herrera
    Di Maria Rooney Mata

    Please share your thoughts.

    Awesome. I've never actually gone to a concert, doesn't seem to be my type of thing (really loud, lots of people, cramped, you can tell I'm not a party kind of guy lol). How was his show though?

    Alright the next time I'm in a horror game mood I'll give Slenderman a shot. I've already tried Amnesia before. LOL about Siren.

    LOL about Skyrim too. I'm laughing my ass off right now :D

    I'll probably end up playing all 3 of those games, but I can't see myself liking Destiny (I hated Halo for the most part). Shadow of Mordor looked pretty good but not the kind of game I usually get super excited for, and neither is 1886. I'll probably like them both, but they aren't something I'm holding my breath for.

    Good summary of FFXII. Agreed on that.

    You don't really like VI?!?! That's one of the best ones, hands down. It's universally loved, and gets ranked as the best FF second most after VII from what I've seen. I mean, it has Kefka! What else do you need?

    XIII I actually quite liked. I'm not usually someone who demands a big open world, and while it was a bit too small for me it wasn't so much that aspect of it that bothered me but rather the lifeless feel of the world. Not enough people, no towns, that kind of stuff was lacking throughout the XIII series. It got better with each game, but even in Lightning Returns the world was too small, but I have to say the towns and villages finally got the feel right.

    What I really liked though were the characters. I thought they put together a great cast. I found the characters in the first one all interesting (Sazh and Snow most of all) and although Hope was a bit annoying I didn't hate him as a character and liked what he brought to the group. It did kind of lack a typical "main character" type, but...

    Noel in FFXIII-2. He was a phenomenal character. Everything about him screamed main FF character. He was something between the coolness of Cloud and the vulnerability of Tidus. Now that I think about it, he might just be one of my favourite FF characters of all time. His story was also fantastic, as was Sarah's. The only thing that bothered me in XIII-2 other than the world being small was the monster catching aspect. I hate it when RPGs do that.

    Story-wise they weren't the best of the series by a long shot, but I thought it was good enough and captured the FF feel a lot better than XII, for example.

    I used to play Fire Emblem on an emulator, but I've since developed a fondness for playing it without save states. It ups the ante and makes you carefully calculate each move. The rage comes once in a while, but I find it a more rewarding experience in the long run. You should try it out once!

    Don't worry, I wasn't complaining. TBH it makes it more interesting for me this way, with the mysteries and murders and all. Evil sister certainly does look like a b*tch so far lol, and that's in both timelines. Jeeze how selfish can she be, though at least in the past it was accidental that she f**ked her sisters face up. Present day evil sister was just... evil lol. Anyway, I just found it funny how it was advertised as a light hearted comedy and then in the first episode there was a bombardment of intense situations lol. No worries about it ruining the experience though. Looking forward to finding a good time to keep watching TBH.

  • mazoomy posted 2 days ago


    Hey I checked out the first episode of Rooftop Prince. While it hasn't gotten me completely hooked, I did enjoy it and will continue to watch. What I really wanted to say though, if this is your opinion of what light-hearted is then intense must be at a whole different level to anything I've ever seen lol. 2 murders, another death, plotting murder, spiteful sisters, cleaning up evidence, a little girl getting her face burned and her life ruined, the future equivalent of the little girl getting lost and not finding her family for 15 years, and only does so when her dad dies. This is some pretty heavy stuff lol.

  • mazoomy posted 3 days ago


    Yeah he beat you to it lol. It was an awesome article though. Great read.

    Yup I saw the match. I wasn't impressed with the performance. The disconnect between the CM and the FWs still exists. Bayern has issues trying to build-up their play more slowly, and only really look decent when they counter quickly down the wings. One thing I did like though was the lopsided nature of the lineup, and how it allowed the shape to change very quickly. On the left there was Badstuber-Bernat-Goetze and on the right there was Lahm-Robben-Mueller. Lahm could easily push forward, with Badstuber moving into a more central position, and Robben pushed forward as well while Mueller pushed inward, and all of a sudden they were in a 4-2-3-1 shape like so:

    Lahm Dante Badstuber Bernat
    Gaudino Alaba
    Robben Mueller Goetze

    That was literally the only thing I really liked about Bayern's performance that day. Even with this as an option though, they still found it difficult to play through the middle, so more work will be needed.

    I don't believe Welbeck will be allowed to leave. If he is, it's a loan at most IMO, but I can't even see that happening. He's too important to us because he offers us a much different type of striker to what Rooney and RvP are. Hopefully it's all just BS.

    Our midfield is so paper thin right now... We should pay the buyout clause for Khedira and hope he agrees to join us, because we really, really need a quality player right now. Too many long term injuries with not enough first-team quality depth.

    I'm not worried about losing the first game. It happens, it's okay. The season is long and all the top teams will drop points here and there. We just have to make sure we're better from now on.

    I didn't know Barcelona had a Korean youngster, that is exciting. I'm rooting for you guys to succeed!

    Now that Di Maria is nearly guaranteed to join, I think we might switch to 4-3-3. He complained about not having the wingers for it, but Di Maria is here and we have Januzaj, and when they play I'm sure we'll use the 4-3-3 to accommodate them.


    Still didn't get around to watching them. I've been pretty busy lately. I'll definitely let you know when I do though.

    Did you hear about Community getting a 6th season on YahooTV? They want to get Donald Glover back (who if you didn't know is a bonafide rapper called Childish Gambino) for the season. I'm excited to see what happens.

    Yeah with all the Korean shows and movies I've been suggested by you I have no idea how I'll ever get around to watching them all lol.

    Lottery is the way to go. Gotta live on tap water and dry toast so I can put all my funds into tickets, and really, REALLY hope I win lol. A model replica of Old Trafford sounds amazing though. Quite the goal to have in life.

    Really? I can't imagine ever watching those Syfy movies lol. They are too cheesy.

    I haven't played Slenderman, but I tried Amnesia. I enjoyed how scary it was, but ultimately I don't like being defenseless so I didn't play it through. A good survival horror game I enjoyed was Siren: Bloodcurse. It was quite scary, really fun, but the ending was a bit weird.

    Bloodborne I'm anticipating more than Lords of the Fallen TBH. Capcom is also working on a Dark Souls style game called Deep Down.

    Check it out, it looks really good. I'm addicted to these kinds of games now. I injected over 80 hours into Dark Souls 2 in less than 2 weeks. It was the be-all and end-all of my life when it came out lol.

    I'm not really anticipating any of those other games you mentioned. Dragon Age I would be, but I never, for some reason and despite multiple attempts, finished the first one, which also means I never started the second lol. If I had I would be anticipating the third one.

    The battle system in FFX is the best EVER!!! FF7 is definitely overrated. FF6 is easily better for me as well, but FF7 is probably third best. FFIX is my next favourite I'd say.

    What'd you think of FFXII? I liked the game, and I thought it was a great game and would have been fantastic as a stand-alone title, but I didn't think it was "Final Fantasy" enough to be a numbered entry. The story didn't have the typical character-centric style that most FFs have, and because of that the characters felt a bit unimportant and stale to me when compared to others in the series. Plus, Vaan and Penelo were nearly completely irrelevant for the majority of the story.

    Naaa Fire Emblem is far better for me. The RPG feel is what sets it apart, plus I love the hardcore aspect to permanent deaths. Everything is always so tense when you play. Actually, it's literally happened to me in a Fire Emblem game that I missed with a 90+ hit chance on a boss, and the counterattack killed my character, forcing me to restart the chapter. That was BS and pissed me off, but moments like those are what makes success all the more sweater.

    Gaudino does look good though. Very good on the ball, but he still has some maturing to do physically before he's ready for the PL.

  • mazoomy posted 3 days ago


    Holy SHIZZLE we're getting Di Maria! Our next 7!

  • mazoomy posted 5 days ago


    Thanks for the lyrics, but I've seen it already lol. I've been listening to this song for like close to a year without getting bored of it.

    Always been Adidas myself. German company supplying Bayern and the NT. Clear-cut choice for me lol.

    I'm not too mad at main 2 kits this year aside from the atrocious Chevy logo. The third kit sears my eyes though. I just can't wait to see what Adidas does for us because they've made some amazing looking kits recently. Argentina vs Germany in the WC final was like a spotlight for beautiful kits.

    It's looking like Benatia will go to Bayern. Why can't we move faster?!?!

    I'm not sure about Rojo getting the 5. I would have expected someone more "marquee" to get instead, but maybe LvG sees something great in him. He looks good as an instinctive player, and he is physically dominant, but I've noticed that he sometimes looks like he hesitates when he has multiple options. He seems indecisive in that regard sometimes, which could bite us against certain teams.

    Yeah without the CL we basically have to become like City or PSG to lure players in, before they became big of course. It's a shame, but that's how it is right now since we have to get back to the top immediately. We don't have the time to build a project like BVB for example because of our huge sponsorships and media entity. Let's hope LvG gets us back into the CL immediately.

    Definitely agreed on the jeering. It doesn't help at all. I'm hoping that Napoli deal was just a BS rumour, like the many others we've seen about such and such player having signed for us over the last few years. I generally don't give a shred of credence to anything I read that isn't on BBC, Sky or from the club.

    Yeah I can imagine you were ecstatic about Ki Sung Yong scoring that goal. Hopefully your national team can rebuild in time for the next WC. I want to see a strong campaign from you guys!

    It was definitely bad to lose at OT, but I'm not putting too much stock into it. LvG is historically a slow starter, we usually start our seasons slowly, and it was just 1 game. 3 points lost isn't ideal, but I won't take this match as any indication of how we'll play for the rest of the season. Let's see how it goes against Sunderland.

    My relationship with Rooney is like a tolerate even though I hate him type deal. While he's here I'm not going to hate him for being here, and I'll judge him objectively, but if a fair chance to ship him out presents itself I'd want the club to jump on it. Spot on about his role BTW, completely agree.

    Agreed on Mata. He was also non-existent against Valencia, and I think it's time for Kagawa to get his shot.

    Yup I've been saying the same about Welbeck. Even with Rooney and RvP available, I want Welbeck to retain his spot because we need his qualities. Without wingers we need that pacey option up front to stretch defences and cause some panic, and neither Rooney nor RvP can do that.

    We can negotiate to get Di Maria to get a better price, then pay the buy-out for Khedira. All of a sudden our team looks so much more complete :D Hopefully Liverpool can land Balotelli and they make it work, because I'd rather have them around the top then City. Us, them, Arsenal and Chelsea should be the top 4.


    I've been meaning to watch Rooftop Prince, but I just never get around to it lol. I had actually gotten hooked on Community not that long ago and just finished it, so now I have time to move on to some new things. I'll definitely check out either My Sassy Girl or Rooftop Prince now.

    Yeah I think the "quiet" life is becoming more prevalent now. Hardcore partying seems to be dying down a bit I think, which is good.

    Sausages are good though :D Okay that might look a bit homo...

    Check out D.Gray-Man then. If it starts a bit slow for you give it a couple episodes and it'll pick up.

    Check out Walking Dead first though. Truuuust me you won't regret it. You're in for a thrill ride!

    Played/watched all of those. Resident Evil is one of my favourite game series, especially the older ones. Code Veronica is my favourite entry in the series, followed by RE2.

    Yeah it was crazy how young the guy was when he started writing the series. Do you know if he has anything else on the horizon? My life plan is centered around either finding a wife who wants to work while I can take care of the kids, live as a live-in maid (butler?) for my brother, or win the lottery. I have high aspirations in life, ya know?

    Sharknado LOL. Aliens vs Hunter, Snakes on a Train, Transmorphers, the list of shitty movies goes on and on. It's in no way like those though so don't be put off by the cgi. Glad you're giving it another shot, it's one of my favourites things running right now.

    Awww that kinda sucks. I played DJ Max like crazy, and my friends and cousins said I looked like one of those crazy (mostly Asian) kids who dedicate their lives to these games and just rape them in arcades and such. I was pretty good, but not quite at that level lol.

    You HAVE to play the Last of Us. It's not possible to get through life without experiencing it. As a gamer you have a duty to play it. No 2 ways around it. Plaaaay it!!!!!

    The games that look most interesting to me are The Evil Within, Tales of Xillia 2 (out now actually) and Lords of the Fallen (Dark Souls like) from this year, but next year are the true big releases for me. Bloodborne and FFXV, and hopefully Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2016. Those 3 are the ones that I'm dying to play. Resident Evil 7 would also be pretty high on my anticipation list whenever it does end up coming out.

    Damn didn't think FIFA was so popular in South Korea. It seems everybody and their mother plays LoL though. It's crazy how they've managed to make a MOBA one of the most accessible games on the planet, because they are usually anything but accessible. Steep learning curve is usually the term most associated with the genre lol.

    Pikachu wasn't bad, but I didn't like him all that much. Never could stand DK myself, he wasn't my style.

    FFX!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!! Too many people are all over FF7, but X is the one for me. FF Tactics for some reason I could never really finish. I just get to a point and stop playing lol. I like Advance Wars, but I much prefer the RPG feel of Fire Emblem. They're basically the same game otherwise, but because of how much more I like Fire Emblem I don't really play Advance Wars. Plus, the newer ones have too much crammed in for me, I liked the more simplistic first one the best.

    Some other RPGs I didn't mention before that I love are Legend of Dragoon, Lunar, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Xenosaga, the Mana series, and Phantom Brave. All of those are older games, but if you haven't played them all you would probably like any of them.

  • mazoomy posted 10 days ago


    Copy/paste thoughts on game, typing this out on my phone while I wait in the car so mistakes may litter this.

    First half:

    Another game with the same problem. Hernandez and Rooney don't make a good duo in the 3-5-2 IMO and I'm tired of seeing it.

    Chicharito had another game where he was a non-factor, and Rooney was hit or miss when he got involved. He had a few moments of brilliance and could have easily had a brace today, but his passing in the final third was just dreadful at times. He needs to do more to convince me he's the right fit for the CF role beside the ST, because so far he's only really impressed me as the ST in this setup.

    Mata is having diffuculties right now for some reason and hasn't really impacted these last 2 ganes as much as I'd like, so maybe it's time to give Kagawa a start to see if he does any better here.

    I was confused by the decision to start Lingard at WB. James has looked the better option there in preseason, and I don't think Lingard is good enough defensively for the role. He didn't excel in the role, but he didn't look terrible either. Young likewise was simply okay on the day, though for whatever reason the team played primarily through the right so he didn't get to receive too many passes and try things. He was naive as a FB and not confident about striking the right attacking/defending balance so he stayed back mostly. That's how it looked to me at least. He's not really suited to playing there unless he makes big improvements.

    Nani surprisingly wasn't terrible to me. His decision making looked better and he looked sharper. There have been too many false dawns with him though so I'll need to see much more before I change my stance on him. Januzaj let his age show today. He was fiery and caused a lot problems for his FB, but his decison making was awful. Way too selfish and hungry to impress. I hope it's not the #11 getting to him, though I could see it having an effect on his game.

    In midfield I wasn't too impressed with Herrera, which isn't to say I was disappointed but rather that he didn't really stand out too much. He has the ability but needs to polish it more. Fletcher I thought was decent. Nothing spectacular, but no one really was except Jones today. I thought Fellaini looked really good in the deeper role, but I wasn't sure why he was brought in in the first place. As a target man he wasn't too great later on, and we shouldn't resort to that tactic unless things get really desperate. If it was LvGs decision to do that then it wasn't a great one, and if it was Fellaini insisting on moving up then that has to be ironed out of his game. With the way he and Mata swapped my guess is that it was LvGs decision though.

    The defence wasn't great. Jones had a strong game but the other 2 didn't look so great. I don't think they were terrible, but they definitely didn't wow anyone.

    All in all this was a rather bad (considering the occasion) performance worthy of a 5-6/10 rating. I want to see better interplay in the midfield with smoother passing, more from Mata or a start for Kagawa, and a different strike partnership most of all. I also want to see James at WB over Januzaj or Lingard because he strikes a better balance in terms of attacking and defending.

    I hope we sign at least Blind before this window closes. For me his utility is more important than a star signing ATM since we could use the extra option in the 3 areas he plays in, plus he's guaranteed to fit in LvGs setup and philosophy.

  • mazoomy posted 13 days ago


    I actually showed you the Undying Brave song before, but it was called Brave New World when it first came out lol. It's one of my favourites though. I like the whole mixtape and have listened to it front to back several times. He made a really cool, unique video for Bills which you should check out.

    I can't get over the 3rd kit for Bayern. It just looks sooo sexy! I'm an Adidas guy at heart too, which makes it even sweeter. How can you like Nike better?!?!

    BTW what's your opinion on our kits this season? I think the home and away are pretty nice aside from the whole Chevy United thing, but I'd rather stare at a flaring blowtorch at point blank range then look at that third kit. I can't stand it. At all!

    Never heard of Rojo before the rumours, and only vaguely remember him from the WC. He sounds like a solid signing though.

    Yeah I'm not sure about Benatia either. Rojo seems like it's a done deal though almost, with him putting in the transfer request and all. Apparently within the next 48 hours or so there will be some huge announcement at United, hopefully it's new players :D

    Well, it seems that Barca will have to wait for that "good" Vermaelen because he apparently got injured immediately. We dodged a bullet there.

    With the way Fellaini played against Valencia we might not even need another midfielder until January. He was a monster in the middle, and won back possession cleanly and fairly, using his strength to great effect within the laws of the game. I was highly impressed by him, but not so much by our fans. What's the point of booing and jeering him? Will that solve anything? And how stupid does that make you look after scores?

    I feel like Chicharito has gotten much better in his linkup play and non-striker contributions, but because of it his actual goal threat has diminished greatly. He's just not really a threat anymore, sadly enough. Agreed on the pecking order.


    Ohhh maybe I'll have to check that one out too since Cha Tae Hyun is hilarious. Didn't know he was a member of a rival show, that sucks. Will do about those shows, but right now I have so many games to play it's ridiculous. I'm low on time these days lol.

    Yeah Eastern Canada. Good to know you're not really into the clubbing thing. I personally prefer just smaller get togethers with a few close people to big grand parties. Simple life! Well said lol. Definitely not boring man, that sounds pretty much exactly like what I do (minus the drinking) and the basketball.

    Definitely wasn't that, probably was just a more generic sausage. But it wasn't like any other one I've ever had anywhere, and my friend only saw it in an Asian supermarket, so I assume it's more a generic Asian style sausage. Trust me, the taste and style was completely different compared to what I've had, and I've certainly had my fair share of sausage. Okay wait, that sounds extremely gay....

    Yeah I agree on that about anime/managa. It's awesome how they tackle different things. One of my favourites is D. Gray-Man. Check out the anime some time if you want, it never fully finished (the anime I mean, the manga is still going as far as I know) but what's there is pretty awesome. It mixes the more raw stuff from Shingeki no Kyojin with some of the more regular Naruto/Bleach type stuff, making it something in between.

    Ummm gore in Walking Dead.... Well, it's definitely more than Game of Thrones, but it has to be since it's zombies. That being said, the focal point of the show is not zombies in any way, but rather the people on the show and their interactions and reactions with/to the zombie world and between each other. That is the bread and butter of the show, not gore or horror or action. Truuust me, everyone loves this show lol

    Alright, as per your recommendation I will check out Grimm and Supernatural some time.

    Zombies are my life!!!! I can explain what I like about zombies the best. First of all, it's the dread and terror characters feel when they realize that everything is hopeless and that the place they are holing up in is completely surrounded by zombies and there's no way out. The second thing I love is that everyone who get's bitten and dies comes back as a zombie, leading to really interesting situations for characters, such as a lover trying to eat them or their child being bitten and doomed, or them being bitten and not knowing what to do with their child. It's these aspects of the zombie genre which really intrigue me.

    Ohh I loved Eragon, but I misplaced the last book and haven't been able to finish it :( I left it at someone's house and they "lost" it. I've got to get myself another copy, but I'll probably end up getting the whole set as an ebook collection to read on my phone/tablet.

    I never managed to read the original LOTR books. They were way too focused on detail for me when I tried to read them, which was years ago. I'd probably enjoy them a lot more now. Since you are into fantasy series, have you ever read Dragon Lance books or The Legend of Drizzt? Both are spectacular.

    Yup the aliens in Falling Skies do look corny, but it gets a bit better later on when the budget gets bigger. I also had a bit of trouble getting past that, but trust me it's well worth it to do so. The plot, and the atmosphere in particular, is just amazing. They captured the hopelessness of the situation the resistance finds themselves in perfectly.

    Thanks for the link, I'll check it out within the next day or so when I eat something.

    Never heard of O2Jam. The DJ Max games were actually my first real music game like that, aside from Elite Beat Agents for the DS which I forgot to mention before. Have you ever played any of those?

    PS for the win! I read some shocking news though that the new Tomb Raider game would be an XB1 exclusive! They can't do that to me, it's one of my favourite games of the previous generation of consoles. I need the sequel!

    You definitely have to play the Last of Us. It is exactly what makes the zombie genre so great. I literally had to hold back tears at certain parts of the game, it was that emotional and gets you so attached.

    Wouldn't have thought FIFA was such a huge deal in Korea. I knew Starcraft was though, and I thought Diablo was a bigger deal.

    Super Smash Bros, the original for the N64 and the one for Gamecube are the ones I played. In either game my favourite character was Link. I also liked Jigglypuff though. In the Gamecube one I liked Zelda too. Don't worry, nothing is embarrassing in games lol

    Top 5 RPG series? Damn that's a good question. In order:

    1. Final Fantasy hands down, with FFX as my clear favourite and FF6 runner up.
    2. Kingdom Hearts, I love this series to bits.
    3. Demon's/Dark Souls, with Dark Souls edging it as my favourite*
    4-7 is a 4 way tie, I couldn't decide between these which I liked better:
    - The World Ends With You, amazing DS game and the only non-series game here
    - Golden Sun, with the original as the clear favourite for me
    - Fire Emblem, with the first American ported one as my favourite
    - Valkyria Chronicles, more of a strategy game but still, it's right up there

    Honourable Mention: Tales of... series with Tales of Vesperia as my favourite of that group of games.

    I'm probably forgetting some though.

    * Dark Souls is the best thing to come out of the previous generation of consoles aside from the Last of Us. I am in love with that series! Since I played Demon's Souls I've gotten the next 2 the day they came out and binge played like crazy, getting like 80 hours into the second one in like less than 2 weeks. I'm super excited for Bloodborne, which is the next spiritual successor in that series of games.

  • mazoomy posted 19 days ago


    Why I'm so excited about Adidas. The home looks better IRL, the away looks great, and the third kit is just stunning!

  • mazoomy posted 19 days ago


    Hey just wanted to let you know that Lorenzo Asher just released his first project. Haven't finished listening to it yet, but if you're interested here it is:

    Gotta spread the word lol