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  • mazoomy, the third posted 5 days ago

    mazoomy, the third

    Alright, after 2 days and ~22 hours of work, I am now actually free for a day. Huzzah!

    Glad you want to check out the books. The latest one (book 6) came out on... Monday, was it? Tuesday maybe? I finished the book on Thursday night. To put that into perspective, I regularly take about a month to finish a book because I never really just sit down and read, it's more of an on the toilet, waiting for someone/something, or before bed thing.

    So the Watford game. It was a rollercoaster for me. The starting 11 had me instantly elated. That front 4 looked like it would cause a lot of damage, and it didn't disappoint. It seemed like a 4-2-2-2, but also not really. I would say the best way to describe the formation was something like a 4-2 and a free attacking 4. None of our attacking players looked to really have a set position, especially early on when Herrera was still playing, which is why I feel a 4-2-2-2 doesn't really do it justice.

    The movement off the ball was delicious. For the first time all season really, we had players playing who were aware of the space around them, and who tried to create space for their fellow attackers. Memphis not so much, but Herrera and Mata, and Lingard especially. I love that about him. It was organized chaos up front and Watford couldn't cope.

    Then Herrera got injured and it all came crashing down. LvG made another match day management error, IMO, by changing the formation at that point. Pereira is a similar player to Herrera, and he should have been brought on to replicate what he'd been doing. The way we were playing, Watford would have been put to the sword, no doubt about it in my mind. Our attacking play couldn't be coped with. Another option would have been to bring on a RB (Jones to RB with Rojo at CB, or Darmian) and push Young forward. His central play is, IMO, his best quality, which is a shame because we rarely see it. But the way he can spot a run from central positions is probably the best in our squad. He's also shown himself to be quite good defensively, so I would have felt comfortable with him helping to cover the midfield from an attacking position like Herrera does.

    Instead we got a 3-5-2, which was a damn shame. It was like LvG was okay with the 1 goal and wanted to sit on it... with 70 minutes on the clock. That, IMO, was a massive mistake. With 2 defensive midfielders and a defensive-minded back 4 we have more than enough cover, and Watford were not crafting any chances while our attack was blowing them away. No need to reshuffle that so early on.

    Anyway, the 3-5-2 was okay, not great, but we really felt the loss of an extra attacking player up front. Memphis and Lingard both did fairly well, Lingard especially IMO, and defensively we held strong for a while. It's pretty inexcusable though how we allowed Watford to get so many good chances. Our players are quite clearly more comfortable in a 4 man defensive line so I'm not sure why LvG opted to switch it.

    Rojo bothers me too. He is just so rash for a CB. He has quality and talent, but he's an accident waiting to happen.

    What'd you think of the match?

  • mazoomy, the third posted 6 days ago

    mazoomy, the third

    Also on my phone right now. Just wanted to quickly say the original front 4 we had practically made me wet. It was exactly what I thought it would be when I saw the lineup. So much movement, so much position swapping, so much goodness. Then Herrera got injured and my fantasy got cut short after 20 minutes. The universe can be a real bitch sometimes.

  • mazoomy, the third posted 11 days ago

    mazoomy, the third

    Btw, do you read as a hobby? If you do, you MUST check out the Undead World series by Peter Meredith on Amazon. The e-books are super cheap, and I would qualify that series as the second best zombie related uhhh "thing" ever. The Last of Us is the undisputed number 1, Undead World is number 2, TWD is number 3. I think you'd like it because it's very similar to TWD, and it's got some of the best characters ever.

  • mazoomy, the third posted 15 days ago

    mazoomy, the third

    mazoomy, the third, killing spammers like cockroaches lol. I'm just glad I didn't get spammed.

    I pretty much watch all United games, even if I have to watch them afterwards. You can find most of our matches at either and

    That's how I watch any matches I miss because of work. I just make sure I stay away from B/R and anything else that would spoil the score for me, and threaten to snap my brother in half if he tells me.

    It's crazy that we both were super excited about Lingard out of the bunch. I'm way more excited about him than Pereira, Memphis, Januzaj, and even Martial to be honest. I broke it all down for K L in a long, long ass comment which I feel is a good read. So much fantasy scouting and managing going on lol. Feel free to send any thoughts on it if you read it, I love being an imaginary manager/scout lol.

    Yeah it's definitely too early to give up on Darmian. He also struggles because he plays with Mata ahead of him. Mata is a trap of a RW. He always cuts in side so you, as the FB, have to be forward to stretch the play, but he doesn't really cover too well defensively so you also have to be mindful of your defensive duties, and at the same time the guy has no recovery pace to make up for turning the ball over. It's really hard to play FB behind Mata lol.

    Memphis could really use a hairdryer right now lol. I believe he can do it, but as I explain in my comment to K L, I never saw the spark in him. I'm pretty sure I've explained it to you before, but it's all there if you want to see what I mean by that. Anyway, he needs some tough love I think.

    You pretty much nailed Martial's dribbling style there lol. And yeah, I think you're spot on with the philosophy being the problem, however I'm not sure if it's really the "philosophy" or rather the players. What I mean is that I'm not sure if the lack of off the ball movement (which is exactly what we need, just look at how much our midfielders look for a forward option to pass to when they have the ball) is down to LvG's style or the style of the players we have. It's definitely a style problem though.

    Yup, the booing also bothered me. I also was pissed that he took off Martial instead of Rooney, but booing is not the way. Bring it up on social media, and the club will become aware of it. They'll understand the fans are displeased with Martial being subbed. Booing is just really unclassy.

    Mike Jones LOL like the rapper. I never liked that rapper...

    I agree with you on the guaranteed starters though, but I would say Shaw is a definite inclusion when fit not just a maybe. Martial to me is also a must start if Rooney was droppable in any way. There's no reason to play Rooney ahead of him.

    I've somewhat changed my opinion on Pep this season to be honest. I explained it recently to someone in an article. Lemme look for it right quick. Okay, (and I'm realizing now there was no break for you in between reading that and this, so I look foolish LOL) this was in response to whether or not Pep is earning his mega-extension. I called his current Bayern an evolution of Heynckes' Bayern, to which the guy I was talking to (P D, I who I believe is Run Robben Run for various reasons) disagreed because at a technical level it is very much a Guardiola team. This is what I said in reply:
    I didn't mean to imply there exists a line of continuity between Heynckes' and Pep's Bayerns, but I can see how it looked that way so I understand why you took it that way. What I meant was less so about things like ball retention, pressing, personnel, formation etc, but rather on how the teams play on a fundamental level. I don't know if you know anything about programming, but what I'm kind of getting at is at the lower levels of programming (closer to machine level, more technical) they are undoubtedly different and that is very apparent on the pitch, but as you get to the higher levels (towards plain english pseudo-code) where the what is more important than how, like a use-case, the two are starting to look remarkably similar. If you compare Pep when he came to Bayern to the Pep we see this season, he's become very different as a coach. The Pep who arrived was a romantic, who saw his way, the Barcelona way, as the only way to play. This was a coach who talked about requiring 10-20 (forget the number) touches to successfully transition from defending to attacking. His team would play it's game and it would be up to the other team to react. He was an idealist, and that wasn't wrong because it brought him so much success at Barca. However, since coming to Germany he has become a far more pragmatic coach. If a long ball over the top is what will open the other team up (lile BVB for example), his team will launch long balls over the top. Whatever approach is required to win, that is how his team will play. At the technical level the players still perform in a vintage Pep style, but on a top level they are now playing a far more German, pragmatic way. The reason why I call it an evolution of Jupp's Bayern is that even though technically the team is very different, he was a very pragmatic coach and that was the defining characteristic of his Bayern. It was, in a sense, the ultimate German team in that it did what was necessary to win. It was efficient, it was pragmatic, and there was no romanticism about the way the team played. Pep, through perhaps his time in Germany or perhaps through his evolution as a coach, has embraced those same characteristics and that's why there is a familiarity to the way the team plays now and played then, despite it being a very different team. Calling it an evolution is perhaps wrong in the sense that Pep didn't build his Bayern out of Heynckes' Bayern, but it's right in the sense that if you thought about how to improve his Bayern while keeping the spirit of the team the same, this current Bayern represents that "evolution".
    So that's where I sit on Guardiola right now. The guy has been very impressive this season, and I really like his pragmatism. If this is really what he's like as a coach now, then we should sign him up no questions about it. If he brings in a billion Spanish players it would be easier to stomach at United since I'm not English LOL

    Never watched the Office, so I guess I wouldn't have known it. Have you seen Office Space though? The scene with the printer is legendary. If you have and you liked it, you should check out the movie Bloodsucking Bastards. It's like Office Space meets Shaun of the Dead, and it has the "admit it, admit it" guy from GoT. Blanking on the name.

    Muto has been sporadic in his goal scoring though. 1 hat trick, 1 brace, 1 single goal. weird. What's next, a 4 goal outing?

    Yeah, I hope Auba never plays for Madrid. Fk that jazz. He should stay at Dortmund (he loves it there at least) or he should join us. The guy is way too likable for that rats' nest called the Santiago Bernabeu. Katchangalu (which is roughly how you'd write what my family calls him after a hilarious mispronunciation) is not good enough IMO. Good to hear he wants to play for us, but he's not excellent at anything except free kicks, from 1 angle and distance.

    Oh, there we go, you mentioned exactly the same thing I said above about Mata. I probably had that in mind after reading your reply to be honest. I laid out my transfer targets in that other comment. Basically though, for winter, Rode from Bayern and Herrmann if BMG will sell. I looked at a comparison between him and Griezmann, and he actually came out on top in terms of goals/assists per minute, despite playing as a RM more so than a recognized forward. What a beast. Fun fact, Rode averaged a goal or assist every 153 minutes last season as a sporadically used box-to-box midfielder, and he has a goal and assist in 97 minutes this season. The guy is the German equivalent to Herrera. Stylistically they are a bit different, but his penchants for popping up with goals and assists, his stamina, his tenacity, his doggedness, his box-to-boxedness, it's all the same. If we had both with Schneiderlin holding the midfield, holy shit I'd cream my pants...

    And take a bow my friend. That Yoda bit KIIILLLLEEDDD me LOOOL

    Naaa, City doesn't intimidate me. They suck against possession teams. Whenever they come up against Bayern or Barca in a game that matters, they look second best by far. We crushed them performance wise this season too. I don't fear City anymore. If they change managers though, who knows. I agree that they aren't as good as the sum of their parts, and that has to be down to the manager I think.

    Ahhh, football, tv shows, and video games. That's the life right there. Is it gay that neither of us mentioned girls? lol

    Negan has been cast! You don't know him, but basically think of the Governor, give him a bat covered in barbed wire called Lucille, and have him say stuff like "I'm so fucking hard right now I want to wrap some fucking barbed wire around my dick and call it Lucille 2", and make him a funny mofo who cusses more than a sailor, and you have fucking Negan! The greatest Walking Dead comic character. I like the actor they cast too, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He's perfect for the role.

    LMAO I can see the Jeff-ness in him. I just can't see him as a Kevin, shit I mean Nick (that is honestly what happened, I didn't script that LOL). Even when I mean to call him Nick it still comes out as Kevin LOL

    One of the producers said something along the lines of Glenn isn't dead, but the guy he was is dead. Hopefully that means there is no more positivity from him! If another Kevin pops up, he shoots him next time! Yayy, Glenn becomes cool (hopefully)!

    I guess Rick does make it out, since it didn't even bother to show him get out. The freakin' door to the car was on the side the horde was coming out of, and they were already passing the RV. What the shit man! That looked like it'd be an intense situation, and it gets resolved off camera. It's like Tyrese all over again.

    I wasn't thinking about the baby slowing them down to be honest. It was more so like, arrrgghhh positivity! Hope! Who needs that ish? I snarl at it and hope it dies as soon as possible. Me and crazy Rick, holding it down and turning others crazy :P

    I fell asleep during Morgan's episode, and I didn't regret it one bit. I don't like his character now that I've seen him in action, and I certainly don't care about what happened with the frackin cheese maker. The Morgan at the beginning of the episode who was killing random people? I like that one. Bring him in lol.

    And character development is all fine and dandy, but don't waste my time with a useless cheese maker who we all know will die by the end of the episode in a flashback for a lame character. It was like giving Beth so much screen time. Yuck. Show me good characters. Hell, give me some backstory on Heath. He's a much cooler seeming black guy. Kill off Morgan, make Heath the new black guy lol.

    Amnesia was considered the scariest game ever, dafuq? How can you play that and not be able to handle scary games? Weird. Like I said though, I didn't really play it, and Siren was the creepiest game I ever played.

    And yeah I know I need to watch Fargo, but time is a real pain sometimes. Right now, I'm alternating episodes of Arrow and Flash (I much prefer Arrow). Afterwards I'll probably start Fargo. You keep me too busy with these great shows lol.

    I was way more disappointed in the Morgan episode than the latest one. That episode was always totally out of place. I hated that episode. The episode before was my favourite Walking Dead episode, that one was my least favourite because of its placement. Anything was going to be an improvement afterwards.

    I like the tension that's building in Alexandria. The tough ones are being separated from the weakling herd. The former leader woman, I'm feeling like she's a Diane, is looking like a crazy one. That stabbing session on the walker was pretty cool, even if she was woefully inept about the whole thing. Did you notice lesbian girl is pregnant? Damn, I'm terrible with names. I noticed it as soon as I saw her this season. The puffier cheeks, heavier-set body, loose clothing, the way she always has something hiding her stomach area. It's very obvious if you look for it.

    The Maggie scenes were cool. I like Aaron too.

    I thought it was a pretty good TWD episode to be honest.

  • mazoomy, the third posted 16 days ago

    mazoomy, the third

    Hey, it's taking a while for me to get back to you. Work hours are crushing my soul. I must have missed the JSS thing on the note, so thanks for pointing it out. Lemme know what you thought of the latest episode.

  • mazoomy, the third posted 32 days ago

    mazoomy, the third

    Why is this fkr spamming you? I hope he doesn't decide to target me next. Don't need that shiet on my page lol.

    I know *nobody* as crazy about football as I. I mean, I got football fans in my extended family and my friends, bu they're all bandwagoners who don't understand the basics of tactics and just want to see mad skillz movez all day.

    Yeah I dunno about Darmian, he started with a bang and now he's just kind of been good but not great, and sometimes quite bad like against Arsenal. Valencia has been doing better than I expected TBH. He hasn't been leaving his flank completely exposed like before, so a step in the right direction I suppose lol.

    Pharrell bucket hat lol That shit killed me. And that Dutch ex-player or whatever that said he dressed like a Peruvian pan flute player? LMAO who comes up with that kinda shit.

    I don't think Memphis will reach the CR7 levels. I think he can be borderline world class at best. He doesn't seem to have the dedication and hard work to go from being a Nani to a Ronaldo. We'll have to see though, it could still change.

    Herrera obviously needs to start! Even if he slept with LvG's wife, he should have no choice but to start him! I was also really glad to see Lingard get a game. He seems to be on LvG's good side right now, so hopefully that's a trend that continues.

    Martial seems to be the king of dribbling. He doesn't even make it look hard, he just kinda glides through with a shrug. My only source of disappointment with him is that I wish he would sometimes look like he gives a damn lol. He's so calm all the time that he looks nonchalant about the game. Give me a roar sometimes!

    Pep Guardiola strikes again! I have no idea what goes through his mind as he prepares for a CL match. The guy got his tactics absolutely spot on against BVB and wrecked them with a direct game plan, then switched back to god-awful Tiki Taka against Arsenal. I didn't get the reference, but I feel like I should have?

    Anyway, surprisingly good results from the PL, though the City win, as far as I've heard, was rather undeserved. I can't front though, aside from Wolfsburg I wish the Bundesliga sides had won.

    To be fair, English players do suck lol. But yeah, it's the not-so-obvious things that are probably ruining the EPL's CL chances. Definitely agreed on Arsenal. That whole game plan vs Bayern was so un-Wenger/Arsenal that it was hard to recognize them. Good for them though, they've built themselves the right way and I'd rather have them represent the PL's best shot in the CL than Citeh or Chelski.

    Oh, the reason why I suggested Muto was because my bro is, first of all, a big fan of his, and secondly because he craves more Asian players at Leverkusen lol. Have you been watching them lately BTW? Admir the Admiral Mehmedi has been killing it for them. Kevin Kampl too surprisingly, since he sucked hard for BVB last season.

    And have you seen Auba's stats for this season?!?!!? 20 goals in 17 games or some ridiculous ish like that. He's tied with Lewa for 13 league goals, top of any of the top 5 leagues right now. The guy isn't even very clinical with his chances either, as he could easily be sitting on 25+ considering how many easy chances he's missed. His movement is just insane and creates goalscoring opportunities though. Honestly, I love BVB, but if they are gonna lose him anyway we should really think about swooping in for him.

    What did you think of the derby?

    I was impressed with the team of 10 we fielded. Despite being a man down we really dominated the match. I'm not too mad we didn't score, since it's hard to do so without a focal point to the attack.

    Martial is being wasted on the left. Sure, he dribbles great, but honestly his actual impact on the game is less than Young's from the LW. He really needs to be our ST. We aren't playing with one right now anyway, so it only makes sense to play our only real senior striker there. At LW I want to see Young start, and if he isn't available then one of Pereira and Lingard, with Memphis for now coming on at about the 65 minute mark to see if he can get some momentum going.

    I'm really liking the midfield trios of Schmidfield and Herrera, and Morgan/Fellaini/Herrera. If we play the one with Felé and have Martial up front, with Young on the left, then I think that could be a really deadly combination. Young can take up a shooting position slightly infield when Martial drifts wide to collect the ball, and Felé could then take up the striker's position in the box. The possibilities from that point would be endless, and teams would downright panic from all the different ways we could hurt them. Man, I really want to see this now -_-

    End of the tangent lol

    Anyway, we really crushed City in terms of the overall game plan. I think that if we had Lingard out left and Martial up front (since Young wasn't available), then we'd have at least scored 1. With Young on the left I kind of feel like we'd have crushed City in terms of the score line to match our dominance. He just gives us a whole different dimension to our style of play since he's our only true winger in the classical sense of the position (creating rather than scoring).

    For the first time in years though, I don't really fear City anymore. They are weak against top European sides with a modern style, and we are slowly reaching that level. Soon we'll regularly wipe the floor with them unless they go through a tactical overhaul.

    Ugh I can't stand games like Skyrim. I get so lost so easily in those huge worlds, in terms of what I'm supposed to be doing. They make me feel... purposeless lol. I much prefer more linear games that focus on delivering a sensational story, like the Last of Us or most JRPGs.

    And naaa, they could still churn out new Pokemons like no tomorrow if they used the Skyrim model. Basically, just do what they are already doing: add new Pokemon! People would still buy it like crack. I mean, how much do football games or Call of Duty really change on a year by year basis? People still buy them every year, and I think Pokemon would be the same.

    Walking Dead has been INSANE this season! Now, we didn't actually find out what JSS is, right? I'm hoping I didn't miss anything. Anyway, Carol is my favourite character hands down right now. Jeeeezus she's too cool. The way she single-handedly turned the tide against the wolves was epic. Morgan is a little bitch though. Next episode is focused on him, which probably means he's dead. I mean, Heath joined the show, so one black guy needs to die. Make it Morgan. He's like old Rick, farmer Rick. I hated that Rick lol.

    And the way they are treating Gabriel makes me giddy like a little school girl. POS deserves it. Naw, I didn't hear about the actor getting busted.

    The 3rd episode was, in all honesty, perhaps my favourite TWD episode yet! Holy shiet it was insane, beginning to end. The walkers were finally a real threat again, and watching people drop was... satisfying. Also really glad Kevin (Nick) bit the dust. I have no idea why I think he looks like a Kevin, but he's Kevin to me. It just suits him in my mind lol.

    Anyway, I absolutely guarantee Glen is not dead. Kevin was getting eaten, and his guts will camouflage Glen. If you paid attention to the way he was positioned as the camera zoomed out (which by the way made no sense considering how he dropped) his head was being protected by the garbage bin so the walkers couldn't really reach that exposed area. Plus, it wasn't a death episode really. Most of the time when an important character is killed they have an episode centered around their character development. Andrea, Merle, Tyrese, Everybody Hates Chris, Beth, etc. Glen didn't have that either. He's still around.

    What I'm really curious about, is how the flux Rick is making it out of that one. I just really wish he'd grow his beard back though, it made him look 3x more manly.

    Oh yeah, Enid. Well, after reading some opinions online I have to say she's probably not a wolf or spy. The walker herd wasn't supposed to be tackled that day, so it was a bad day to plan the attack on paper, and why wouldn't they have gone in before Rick's group ever arrived? Plus, they made a point of showing Aaron's photos there. I don't trust Enid, but I don't think she's involved with the wolves. Plus I think she jacked Judith. The baby monitor was included in every shot after she left that letter, yet Carl never really looked at it. I think the baby is gone, and I hope dead. This show doesn't have room for trivial things like hope and positivity :D

    I hope Carol doesn't die! Nooooo. She's my new fav!!! And I dunno about that stamp either. Too many suspicious things going on right now. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds. Stupid flashback episode is next though. Fk you Morgan...

    I tried to play Amnesia, but I'm not a fan of games where you don't have the option of fighting back at all. I'm okay with being weak or needing to find something to use on an enemy, but only being able to run and hide doesn't do it for me. There was this other game I played for PS3, Siren: Blood Curse, that handled that a lot better. It was a Japanese style zombie game (like Japanese/Asian style zombies, demonic people instead of Romero zombies) where you have the option of picking up weapons to beat them down with, but unless you can impale them on something or shoot them, I believe, they get back up after a while. The game had parts mixed in where you wouldn't be able to find a weapon to increase the tensity and fear, so it wasn't always that you could just pummel your way through, but as long as the option is there I'm a lot happier.

    Plus, that game had some of the creepiest moments ever in a game where you play as a little girl (who can't use any weapons). One part has you sneaking out of a hospital, but to get a door unlocked you have do something, forgot what, and it attracts an adult that was with her and got infected. For the rest of the level you're then being hunted by this guy as a 10ish year old girl while the other zombies are still roaming around. I think that was just about the scariest part of any game I've played.

    She also had this part in a house that was just about equally terrifying though. I don't scare all that easily, but those parts had my heart pounding.


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  • mazoomy, the third posted 35 days ago

    mazoomy, the third

    Holy shiet, you can buy over the counter medicine with no prescription!?!?!?! Get on that!!!

    Anyway, I still need to respond to you, but I just noticed you got a new pic. I loves it. Park Ji Sung FTW


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  • mazoomy, the third posted 41 days ago

    mazoomy, the third

    To be fair to me both songs were released at the same time (1999) and I've never been much of a radio listener, especially when it comes to pop songs, so they all kind of merge into one song to me lol.