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Currently living in Los Angeles, I am a copy editor for Bleacher Report by day and an actress/host/freelance reporter by night. I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, where I worked in radio and television, and formerly served as a staff writer for a local newspaper. I've also been an avid fan and player of sports since I was a kid, and I was a member of the Division I rowing team at the University of Louisville. I follow UofL basketball and football, love the New England Patriots and the New York Yankees, and I have a love/hate relationship with fantasy football—who doesn't?

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  • Mark Vandeusen posted 1 hour ago

    Mark Vandeusen

    Thanks for your help this morning Ashley! Sorry about the Haren and Angels typos, that's just carelessness on my part, I apologize.

    I have a question about adding apostrophes in team names, I seem to struggle with that. When is it appropriate to use them to imply possession? I thought "the Marlins' second baseman" made sense since he belongs to them? I also see how Marlins might be descriptive in that case though too. Is there an easy rule on this so I can understand better?


  • Thomas Cooper posted 37 days ago

    Thomas Cooper

    Thanks for the edits on my Tottenham article today, Ashley.

  • James Duncan posted 61 days ago

    James Duncan

    Cheers for the edits, Ashley!

  • Bob Fox posted 62 days ago

    Bob Fox

    Thanks for all your help and feedback on my story today, Ashley. I really appreciate your support!

  • Stephen Nixon posted 70 days ago

    Stephen Nixon

    Thanks again for the edits. Appreciate it!

  • Jason Fray posted 72 days ago

    Jason Fray

    Thank you Ashley, I appreciate the edit.

  • Thomas Cooper posted 80 days ago

    Thomas Cooper

    Thanks for the edits on my Harry Kane article today, Ashley. The quote without a citation was a press conference one I forgot to note I obtained firsthand. I'll amend it to say so.

  • Stephen Nixon posted 92 days ago

    Stephen Nixon

    Thanks for the edits, Ashley! And glad to see you're a Yankees fan:)

  • Scott Polacek posted 93 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the edits, Ashley. Always appreciate the feedback.

  • Farzin Vousoughian posted 93 days ago

    Farzin Vousoughian

    Thanks, Ashley!