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Phillip Barton

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Just another homesick Bulldog stuck in a place he doesn't want to be in ... (Las Vegas) ... and I miss Athens and my state so bad all I do is dream of it!

I promise to respect everyone's opinions regardless of how they feel about my own most of the time.

When it comes to College Football and the Georgia Bulldogs I can be quite sensitive:)

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  • Brad Smyly posted 677 days ago

    Brad Smyly

    Sorry that you're homesick but you're out there in the wild wild west. Get out and explore the area You've got the Grand Canyon not that far south of you and it is amazing.

  • David Aldridge posted 782 days ago

    David Aldridge

    Appreciate the compliment on the article, Phillip. Thanks for reading!

  • Alex Callos posted 996 days ago

    Alex Callos

    Thanks for the praise Phillip.

  • Neal Perry posted 1069 days ago

    Neal Perry

    Thank you for picking the little piece I wrote. I bet you do wish you could be in Athens right about now. Trust me, they are going to extremely good this year with only a few areas to get up to speed.

  • Blake Silvers posted 1099 days ago

    Blake Silvers

    Thanks man!

  • Caleb Hartley posted 1147 days ago

    Caleb Hartley


  • K Becks posted 1177 days ago

    K Becks

    Thanks for liking my Georgia article.

  • Bleacher Report posted 1219 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Thanks for the like.

  • Will Stewart posted 1273 days ago

    Will Stewart

    Hey I was trying to figure out how to become one of your fans

  • Nathan Deal posted 1570 days ago

    Nathan Deal

    Hey Phil, it's game-week buddy! The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry! When Auburn's up huge on Georgia, don't fall asleep this year like you did last year. LOL We did better when you were awake!