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Mohammed Farah

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Hi my name is Mohammed and im new to this thing but my son Yoosof has encouraged me to take part in the great bleacher report. He has taught me many skills such as how to love men and women, however he has also taught me how to write articles which i am looking forward to doing.

So 3 cheers for my son Yoosof
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  • Indians Fan posted 613 days ago

    Indians Fan

    Heres your first comment in about 5 years!

  • Jam posted 1789 days ago


    Its now 13.00...

    11 hrs to go, be there.

  • Jam posted 1789 days ago


    Ok, i just found out that your name is colin...

    Colin, you are taking the piss by ignoring me so you strong-armed me to using violence.

    I challenge you to a duel tomorrow at Noon outside Blackpool tower. The dress sense is nothing but socks.

    And bring his DNA proof. We're gonna settles this till one of us is standing.

    This is personal, nobody tries to steal my son and gets away with it.

  • Jam posted 1790 days ago


    Hey, I'm Yoosof's Dad...what are u on about?

    I'm willing to take DNA test if i have to...

    I will defend to your death my right to my opinion.

  • Laith Kabaa posted 1965 days ago

    Laith  Kabaa

    yea...thats why all the best players go 2 spain. Whats wrong with u?