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  • William Watson posted 1255 days ago

    William Watson

    Are you 5?

  • William Watson posted 1256 days ago

    William Watson

    Umm... 1) actually Federer AND Nadal are my favorite players- I don't like one more than the other. 2) When they play, I don't pull for either of them.

    Now, as I said, Nadal does have a chance at completing the calendar year grand slam next year. I would say he has a great chance, as chances go. But that isn't saying much. It is still extremely unlikely, and you're a biased fool if you think otherwise. If it wasn't, it would have been done since Laver. And also, keep in mind that it is harder to do now than it was then. The first time Laver did it, the four majors were amateur tournaments. The second time, three were played on grass. So at the time, it was easier to do.

    Oh and finally, I am not a d head or a s hole. Those are terms I might quite aptly apply to you. However, misinformed and on-rafa's-dick are probably better.

  • William Watson posted 1257 days ago

    William Watson

    Are you aware how stupid you sound, saying that there is a "high probability" Nadal will win a calendar year grand slam? Honestly, it makes you sound like an idiot. It is so unlikely, it isn't even funny, and this is coming from a Nadal fan. And btw, your comments to Tom make you sound like an even bigger idiot