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  • Tommy Chhe posted 1269 days ago

    Tommy Chhe

    Hey Andy, long time no see! I really don't like the additions, but considering Di Maria could be sold for 80 millions, any player you see RM going after? We really need a defensive midfielder especially for the big games

  • Dan Riaz posted 1325 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Yeah the journalism has been steadily declining for a long time. I kinda just got too busy and a little fed up with BR. Mainly because I would say something in the United section, a lot of people would argue with me, and then in a few weeks/months time... i'd be proven right. It was frustrating nobody was listening to me, and that there were just SO many plastic fans just everywhere being all toxic and... ugh. The community was just dying D:

    Im happy with LVG, but with Mou.. its hard to say really. Innovator maybe not, but he's good at sustaining short term success/pushing for short term success. I think we kind of needed that continuity in all honesty. But thank and Glazers dont come in the same sentence that often XD LVG though... I mean he hasnt done much since the 90's Europe wise. This is true, but Europe isnt the priority right now. He's good at bringing stability and has a good eye for talent. There are few managers that are as good as him that are available right now. Off the top of my head, Klopp, Ancelotti, Pep, Mou, Wenger (yes I think hes good), and the Atletico manager (forgot his name), oh and Pelligrini. And I dont see any of them coming to United. Not after Moyes setting the bar that low.

    I think he's the first player in a long time that has succeeded in becoming bigger than the club. Its interesting because Rooney is basically almost a jack of all trades except his qualities seem to vary season by season. Like that one season he was heading in goals for fun. Or that season where he was rifling in goals from outside the box. Or just freekick goals. Idk, he's got a bit of everything. I think he somewhat has creativity but not top notch like Kagawa and Mata do.

    If you remember though, Ronaldo used to do something similar at United. Though he was indeed a winger he did roam the field ALOT. And though you say he takes up space which I think is true, I'll be honest. That can be an advantage too. Remember that season where Chicha knocked in 20 goals? Rooney was playing behind him, and the fact that he drew so many defenders forward which allowed Chicha to break through.. that worked IMO. I think he's best up top if him honest, but RvP is a much more vicious striker. He has that goalscoring instinct in him, I remember his first season you could just see it... when he was on the ball, give him enough space and you know he can bury it. Rooney.. you dont really have that same confidence in him but seeing your argument makes me think... without Rooney that frees up space for Kagawa/Mata who are younger than him and quicker, and as you say...more adapted to the modern game. It also means we wont be building our team around him which clearly did not work last season. Perhaps play him in CM? Though that probably wouldnt work XD

    I really wonder what LVG will do with him though. What he'll play formation wise, WHO he'll pick. Will he stick with Buttner as well? Its all up in the air again.

    Thoughts on Danny Welbeck as a player? I dont think hes that great :/ Even though he scored against you guys.

    Congrats on La Decima but... you guys threw away the double. You coulda won the La Liga easily though tbf, Atletico did deserve something since they played phenomenally this season.

  • Alex Barker posted 1332 days ago

    Alex Barker

    Andy dude who would you get as a back up striker since it doesn't look likely Morata will stay. Benzema looked so gas by the end of the season so I really think we need someone who can rotate with big Benz more often.

  • Muhammad Ahmad posted 1332 days ago

    Muhammad Ahmad

    The happiest moment of my life. Ramos' header was so epic and that just proved the saying "Hasta el Final, Vamos Real!" This is the stuff of dreams. ¡Hala Madrid!

  • Jihoon Nam posted 1334 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    My man Andy, congrats!

  • Tommy Chhe posted 1334 days ago

    Tommy Chhe

    Want to do an article where you make a wish-list of the ideal offseason for Real Madrid? What would you do if you were Florentino Perez's shoes for a good....three-four months?

  • I. Marino posted 1334 days ago

    I. Marino

    Carlo almost frakked up the game.

    He played Khedira in the single pivot LOL

  • Nick FCB posted 1335 days ago

    Nick FCB

    Congrats on the win! That was a heartbreaking game but you guys really deserved it.

  • JD Foster posted 1335 days ago

    JD Foster

    Here we go! Are you ready?? lol, I'm pumped but also a little worried as I know Atleti can win this. I've told my other friends and stuff that I still really can't believe were actually here, feels surreal a little, it's only kicking in now that we are about 90 minutes away from kickoff : O

    Today is the day where we as Madridistas will celebrate like no tomorrow or be moping around for a good month looking for excuses to try and make ourselves feel better lol. I think and hope Madrid pull it off, respect to Atletico but this our trophy. It needs to come home : )

    Talk to y'all later, Vamos Real! HALA MADRID!

  • Nick FCB posted 1336 days ago

    Nick FCB

    Hi Andy. Ray Hudson is one of my favorite pundits, I love his reactions during Barça games. He read your article?! That's fantastic, I'm not surprised at all that he loved it. Hey just getting a famous pundit like him to read your work is already an achievement. As for the article ideas you have, I think they all could make for great articles, but I think one about Roma would be best, since they don't get very much attention.

    Best of luck in the final tomorrow.