1. American Soccer: What MLS Is Doing Well Right Now

    A couple of days ago, I wrote a column describing the biggest problem in MLS. Not wanting to come off completely negative, I have analyzed the league’s biggest strengths...

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  2. MLS Needs to Do More to Benefit U.S. Soccer As a Whole

    If you love something, let it go. This is a saying that most of us are probably familiar with. Perhaps we've even applied it to a boyfriend/girlfriend that we just couldn’t make happy, or a beloved family pet that could no longer live comfortably..

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  3. Javon Walker, Meet Andres Escobar

    Athletes make easy targets. Their fat wallets and high profile lifestyles tend to make the wrong type of people jealous...

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  4. Are the Detroit Tigers Finally Pulling Together?

    Throughout this season, the Tigers have been the most frustrating team in baseball. They’ve shown flashes of talent that could take them all the way to the World Series, and they’ve inexplicably gone 0-6 against Kansas City...

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  5. Dear Bud Selig: How You Can Change Baseball for the Better

    An Open Letter to Bud Selig (Author’s note: I am a huge baseball fan, and I absolutely love the game the way it is. But like that really cute girl who wears just a little too much makeup, some small improvements could be made...

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