Have been a football fan since I was eight or nine years old. First with the old Big Red in St. Louis, then adopting the Saints as my team after moving to New Orleans. Shortly after my returning to St. Louis, the Rams moved here and so became my team. I do not subscribe to the "defense wins championships" theory. I am in favor of instant replay when done quickly, as well as being done only for significant calls. I feel the "challenge" is one of the best new rules in the NFL. While I don't care for the way he treated St. Louis in the whole expansion deal, I feel that Paul Tagliabue did an excellent job as Commissioner, but the jury is still out on Goodell. I prefer watching football on TV as opposed to watching it live. I have no problem with domed stadiums, nor with outdoor fields; as long as they get professional football played on them, they are OK with me. I feel that cheerleaders are a very important part of the game, should be paid more, and given more exposure. I have never cared for arguments over the "best team of all time" as I feel it is futile to compare teams from different eras. However, I will debate the best individual players at their positions from different eras. I consider the NFL to be the best sports league in the world in quality of play, competitiveness, marketing, and equity to its teams and fans. I don't like the "blackout rule." I think it's OK for quarterbacks to get hit, and everybody should have a chance to go for a ball in the air. Let 'em play, and let us watch.

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  • Richard Bowler posted 2894 days ago

    Richard Bowler

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