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Andrew Davies

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Hello my name is Andy!
Been following F1 since i was a young kid when i thought that the 'red cars' were the best thing ever. When i was old enough to know what was really going on of course, i began to support a team, and that team is Mclaren. So, ironicaly, once loving ferrari when i was younger, i dont like then as much now!! But i do have respect for them, and Stefano Domenicalli. But in general, i am passionate about Formula one as a whole. That includes all aspects of it, whether it be from whats going on with aerodynamics, politics, or even the way F1 can contribute to our society. Anything about F1 is what interests me. I have followed every race for as long as i can remember, staying up till 5 in the morning, or getting up at 630 in the morning, or surfing the net to watch live practice sessions.
I am Interested in F1 and many other sports, but Formula oOe is the only one i'd really write about. Well motorsports in general. I also am keen on photgraphy and many other things.
If anyone will read my articles in the future, and has looked at any of my pictures or myspace etc, please do not judge me on my image. Im very passionate about F1, and very serious about it too, obviously there is a time for a little joke and smiles, but when it comes to F1 its, well, im a supporter of Mclaren, And Ron Dennis is a great team principal. Lets just say that inside, im a bit of a mini Ron.

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