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  • siparia bonito posted 1976 days ago

    siparia bonito

    Everyone wants someone to beat floyd mayweather but its not going to be shane mosley .true boxing fans knows how mosley fights , man you couldn't even beat Miguel Cotto, there are five ways to beat shane mosley but there's none to beat floyd mayweather .
    For 40 fights everyone said they known how to beat Floyd Mayweather before they get into that boxing Ring.and thats where everything changes . all have come up short 40 fights and noone have beaten him .you think that shane mosley can beat Mayweather .
    Winky Wright beat shane mosley twice.
    Vernon Forrest beat shane mosley twice
    get the picture they are both very good boxers
    Winky wright is a very good defensive boxer so to is mayweather in fact mayweather is the best at it in all of boxing
    Vernon Forest can hit and can move , shane mosley have problem with that. thats why he lost twice to wright .
    Don't forget that mayweather can hit very hard to 40-0 with 25 knockouts