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  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 7 hours ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Theyre for real.

  • Small Fundamental posted 7 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    He's like 10cm shorter than Yao Ming... That's pretty tall lol... I think if a tall player hurts his legs he would be more prone to re injuring said leg again. BTW I don't mean KD will be injury prone the rest of the way. If anything, I think he will be fine. But it is a possibility. How many times have we seen injuries derail careers :( Hopefully Jabari will be fine. And Randle as well. :(

    I'm getting kinda butthurt about the Mavs lmao....

    Spurs have lost 3 straight dude... We play the Mavs today ON ANOTHER BACK TO BACK. Can you believe it??? How hard is our schedule!?!?! We had like 2 back to backs THIS WEEK ALONE. Not to mention 2 3OT games.

    If we lose today, it would be the first time since 2011 we lose 4 straight X_X Although if I remember correctly, we went on to be first in the West in 2011 XD Only to be beaten by the Grizzlies in the first round.

  • Small Fundamental posted 15 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    I read some articles and everyone is like this is what happens to really tall players. They get recurring foot injuries. Like Yao Min, McHale etc etc Hopefully it doesn't happen to KD.

    Dude.... 2 straight losses in 3OT... This is just too much to bear...... PLEASE LEONARD COME BACK!!!! AND PARKER AND MILLS!!!!

    How are the Mavericks so rich?? They are getting everyone... Is it because of the pay cut Nowitzki took??? Sheesh. Talk about overkill

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 1 day ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Damn how does it feel that Durant's hurt?

  • Mavs 113 posted 1 day ago

    Mavs 113

    Of course! Defense will improve at the guards position but we do lose depth in Crowder, Wright. I really loved Wright and Crowder was our best defender besides Aminu. But if you think about it, Rondo and possibly O'Neal to replace Wright, Crowder and Nelson, that is a steal.

  • Small Fundamental posted 1 day ago

    Small Fundamental

    Urgh don't bring up 3OT game ever again....

    Haha I love that Westbrook had a bad night >:D But KD will be fine..... Nothing to worry about

    Tough southwest just got tougher, man....... How do you think Rondo will do??

  • Slightly Biased Thunder Fan posted 2 days ago

    Slightly Biased Thunder Fan

    Klay, Monroe, and Young for Marc Gasol, Bledsoe, and Sanders?

    Gasol > Klay
    Bledsoe > Monroe
    Sanders < Young

    I'm giving two upgrades in this deal and one of them is center which you know from personal experience (your iron grip on Cousins) is the hardest position to acquire a top 10 player from. I also give you a top 35 player in Bledsoe who gives you some of the guard strength that you need. The Sanders for Young swap is the part of the trade where I try to make up some of the value I lost with the first two player swaps. While Sanders has been inconsistent he has been the #94 player so far so it's not like I'm giving you some random scrub. He'll give you good blocks and steals. What you think?

  • Mavs 113 posted 4 days ago

    Mavs 113

    Oh ok....

  • Slightly Biased Thunder Fan posted 5 days ago

    Slightly Biased Thunder Fan

    Monroe is not that good!

  • Mavs 113 posted 5 days ago

    Mavs 113

    How much do you value Klay?