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  • Matt Murdock posted 5 hours ago

    Matt Murdock

    Do you and Clipper go to the same school? Lmao... He has a friend who is a Thunder fan and talks trash about the Clippers while you have a friend who is a Clipper fan who talks trash about the Thunder

  • Matt Murdock posted 5 hours ago

    Matt Murdock

    And you can't dislike Stephen Curry, man.. One of a kind

  • Matt Murdock posted 5 hours ago

    Matt Murdock

    Anywayzzzzz.... Yeah Deandre isn't worth close to 20 mills... Over 10 and you are overpaying him. He is just such an offensive liability if Chris Paul isn't there to lob to him...

    I don't think he will go back to Indiana, but he will leave CHarlotte, IMO... Lol that was a fail..

    Spurs will never stop using Hack-A-Jordan. If we were in the WCF right now, we would be hacking Bogut all day everyday... Lol I remember Houston fans were giving us sh*t when we beat Houston after hacking Smoove. They were saying "Spurs can only beat us by resorting to dirty tactics" lmao

    Out of CLE, ATL, HOU and GSW I want ATL to win, but I don't think they can get past CLE, man.. So out of CLE, HOU and GSW, I think everybody wants GSW to win lol

  • Matt Murdock posted 5 hours ago

    Matt Murdock


    I wrote a reply but it glitched out..... FML

  • Clipper posted 19 hours ago


    Doc shouldn't be a GM anymore leave the gm position to me :)

    Did you hear that Jordan is going to be offered a 5 year 108 million dollar contract? I hope he really improves this season. If the Mavs offer more we're done lol

  • Eric Jiang posted 19 hours ago

    Eric Jiang

    If Lil B's curse is a one time thing, congrats, KD and the Thunder may be off the hook:
    So you guys might win that championship after all. :)

    The rim protection thing is true sadly. :/
    But we did finish top 15 in paint points I believe. (Stevens gets credit)

    Credit to making playoffs for Boston:

    Stevens 40%
    Ainge: 10%
    Isaiah Thomas 15%
    Starting 5: 20%
    Rest of bench: 15%

  • Matt Murdock posted 1 day ago

    Matt Murdock

    Well.. I think Deandre will be a useful rim protector wherever he goes, right.. Being 7 feet tall has its perks.... Green will turn out like Lance Stephenson if he leaves, IMO.. Lol remember when Lance Stephenson was the hottest sh*t around?? BR was oozing all over him, then he just disappeared..

    That rumour was such bullsh*t.. You honestly think CP3 would cause problems?? Lol, if Deandre WAS having altercations with a teammate its definitely not CP3. Someone else maybe

    I'm actually having second thoughts on the Alridge hire because I read somewhere, we might have to sacrifice some other guys to get LMA. Like Splitter and Green. Splitter I don't mind, but not Green!!!

  • Eric Jiang posted 1 day ago

    Eric Jiang

    IF Myles Turner is on the board when the C's pick, forget Booker and Dekker, we're going with him with that rim protection and spacing. :)

    Though he probably won't be. :(

    Lil B's curse will hopefully be broken by next season if a certain someone apologizes or fills his requests, so that's why you need to call KD for that. ;)

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 1 day ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    We will.

  • Matt Murdock posted 2 days ago

    Matt Murdock

    Is what an actual stat? You guys seriously had 0.8% chance of winning the lottery, if that's what you asked.... And I asked Pop, he said OKC has a 0.2% chance of winning next year...

    I hope Green leaves the Warriors, for 2 reasons:
    Draymond Green might get exposed
    The Warriors will be weakened...

    I have no idea why they would want KD... Not that he's not good, they are just asking for trouble.... They should only get KD if Klay leaves or something like that... They should try to get Davis if someone like Green leaves, but I don't think Davis will leave NOR