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  • Daniel posted 2 hours ago


    Bucks are going to the finals and will lose to the Spurs. You have no idea how good this team really is. But yeah, I'll take a second round Cinderella story too.

    I go for both Man Utd and Swansea City in the Premier League. There's my reason.

  • Real NBA Fan posted 2 days ago

    Real NBA Fan


  • Slightly Biased Thunder Fan posted 4 days ago

    Slightly Biased Thunder Fan


  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 5 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan


    15. Philadelphia 76ers
    14. Brooklyn Nets
    13. Detroit Pistons
    12. Boston Celtics
    11. Orlando Magic
    10. New York Knicks
    9. Washington Wizards
    8. Charlotte Hornets
    7. Milwaukee Bucks
    6. Toronto Raptors
    5. Miami Heat
    4. Indiana Pacers
    3. Chicago Bulls
    2. Atlanta Hawks
    1. Cleveland Cavaliers

    15. Denver Nuggets
    14. LA Lakers
    13. Minnesota Timberwolves
    12. Portland Trail Blazers
    11. Phoenix Suns
    10. Dallas Mavericks
    9. New Orleans Pelicans
    8. Utah Jazz
    7. Sacramento Kings
    6. LA Clippers
    5. Oklahoma City Thunder
    4. Houston Rockets
    3. Golden State Warriors
    2. San Antonio Spurs
    1. Memphis Grizzlies

    The Philadelphia 76ers are gonna be terrible for another year. The Brooklyn Nets tore apart their team to keep Lopez and Young. The Pistons shot their-selves in the foot with the Jackson signing. The Celtics had no movement this off-season while most other teams made up their team. The Orlando Magic need 1-2 more season of seasoning. The New York Knicks' signings help them get closer to the playoff picture. The Wizards have 1 down year with Wittman at the helm. The Hornets return to the playoffs as the pose a challenge to every team in the NBA. The Milwaukee Bucks also need a year of seasoning to reach their potential. The Raptors had a bad off-season other than Norman Powell. The Miami Heat need a year to gel together. The Indiana Pacers have Paul George back to lead the gang. The Bulls have kept steady and will be in the hunt. The Atlanta Hawks filled their holes this off-season. The Cavaliers will dominate the East.

    The Denver Nuggets will win the fewest games as Emmanuel Mudiay leads their team. The Lakers will be very bad again. The Minnesota Timberwolves will show their potential in a few games this year. The Portland Trail Blazers will try to keep up, but they won't catch up to the teams in front of them. The Phoenix Suns sold their bench to try and get LA and it didn't work. The Mavericks will be in the race for the entire year but will lose their steam towards the end of the season. The New Orleans Pelicans will also be in the hunt, but narrowly miss the playoffs. The Utah Jazz have a very good season and barely reach the playoffs. Rajon Rondo will keep a steady head and lead the team with DeMarcus Cousins to make the playoffs for the first time in forever. The LA Clippers will slip a little this year but have no danger of losing in the playoff picture. The Oklahoma City Thunder will be back this year and will narrowly miss home court advantage. The Houston Rockets will play very well this year with Harden being the leader. Steph Curry will lead the Warriors to the playoffs to try and repeat. The San Antonio Spurs make one last final push to the Finals. The Memphis Grizzlies will finally wear out the West with their improvements to make the number one seed.

  • Real NBA Fan posted 5 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Check inbox, I sent 2 offers

  • Clipper posted 6 days ago


    You're delusional. Nice trading with you though

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 7 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    The Pelicans did need some veterans on their team..Kendrick Perkins knows how to get to the Finals.

  • Real NBA Fan posted 7 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    LOOOOL :)
    And I wanted to talk a trade with you. It doesn't involve any high picks, so there's basically no risk at all.
    Either we talk on PM thru B/R or Hangouts :)

  • Real NBA Fan posted 7 days ago

    Real NBA Fan


    And stop ignoring me!

  • Knickerbocker posted 7 days ago


    BRO I wanna give you my first!
    Inbox lol

    Don't ignore me :(