Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams

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I'm Jonathan a.k.a. "Jo Nathan" a.k.a "J.K". a.k.a. "Pete" a.k.a. "Darnell"(don't ask) a.k.a. "Big Ram" a.k.a. "Buddha" a.k.a. "Phishbowl" a.k.a. "whatever u want 2 call me". I currently reside in Powder Springs, GA. I've called Atlanta, Louisiana, North Carolina & Texas home before I moved 2 Powder Springs in 2000. I'm usually quiet and reserved in large crowds of complete strangers, but when I'm with a small group of friends I'm loud, outrageous and out of control. At first glance I may seem average, but once u get 2 know me u will find me 2 b very unique. I don't have a style when it come 2 my clothes. Fashion is overrated. I'm a freelance "relationship counselor" w/ no relationship experience at all. I'm the pillow everyone cries on, the heavy bag everyone beats up and the modern day punch line. I'm everyone's friend and I'll b your friend if u need one.

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