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I'm basically a nerdilicious geek. My license plate says so. I love books, Siamese cats, being outdoors, nature trails, the lake, ballet, museums, zoos, the symphony, the Alabama Shakespeare Festival...anything educational. I love my friends and family and usually enjoy spending time with them. I love flowers, but I'm a serial plant killer. :( I have one house plant that my sister potted for angel something begonia (?)...that has, thus far, managed to survive against all odds. Sad, but true.

I love Auburn: Toomer's Lemonade, t-shirts from Tiger Rags, getting chill bumps watching the eagle fly before football games and shouting "Waaaaar Eagle!!!" at the top of my lungs! The Spirit of Auburn is the feeling of "family" with it's timeless traditions. War Eagle! X-D

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  • Joe Candes posted 2652 days ago

    Joe Candes

    Starla - You would love the TickleMe Plant. It is the only houseplant that suddenly closes its leaves and lowers it branches when Tickled! Now it is easy to grow in the TickleMe Plant Greenhouse they show on line. OMG that video is crazy; really does move fast when Tickled!