Shawn Kiernan

Shawn Kiernan


A recent transplant to Maryland, I've been a footie fan since childhood and played a lot a long time ago. When I moved to Ireland in the mid-90s, I fell in with a musical crowd in Dublin that was evenly split across the table between Liverpool fans and United fans. Since I sat on the United side, I became a United supporter and still am to this day, nearly 15 years later.

I'm training to become a qualified ref, which is why you'll see a lot of questions from me asking why and how decisions were made on the pitch. While I am a United fan through and through, I have "respect" for quality players, so I hold Everton, Spurs, and the former Liverpool in some regard and actively root for them against other teams (but not United, of course). I also support Macclesfield Town FC in lowly League 2 as it is my ancestral homeland. Interesting side note... Wayne Rooney's little brother John played for the Silkmen. When I win $130 million in PowerBall lotto, I'm giving Macclesfield $5 million to buy some players and try to get back out of League 2! Some day... I also like Crystal Palace from way back, but not an ardent fan. Here in America, I support Charleston Battery, who is now USL League 2 and now NY Red Bulls (and have for years, although started out as a NY/NJ Metrostars fan). Was very happy to see Tottenham, Manchester United and Man City (lose twice!) this summer here in the US. Still think that the English League is the best game in football.

Hate Chelsea, Hate AC Milan; think Real Madrid and Man City are exhibiting what's wrong with a lot of money, not a fan of video refereeing, believe a solid defense is the most important component to a team (biased slightly, I played right back); would prefer to have additional assistant referees.

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