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Zachary Miller

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Name: Zach

Place: Currently in Atlanta, GA. Will be moving back to Florida in the summer.

How did I became a heat fan: I didn't become interested in sports until 2004 when I notice sports are actually fun. That was in Florida. I choose between Magic and Heat, and heat because of the cool colors.
Status: Contender

How did I become a Panthers fan: Saw a hockey game between the Panthers and Thrashers. Liked it a lot.
Status: Rebuilding

How did I become a Dolphins fan: Well, football is usually not my thing. I started to watch football in 2006 when I watched the Super Bowl game between the Colts and Bears. I notice the stadium they were playing in and I asked my dad where are they playing in and he said Miami.
Status: Rising

How did I become a Marlins fan: A accident . Spilled fruit punk on a ladies jersey.

How did I become a Hurricanes fan: The Dynasty U.
Status: Rebuilding

My most hated teams:
1. New England Patriots- They kept winning in each season. It's like a never ending cycle. The good news is that Tom Brady is old.
2. Orlando Magic- Ironically, they were good during the 2000s with Dwight Howard. They have a rising future.
3. Real Madrid- It's a Messi vs Ronaldo thing
4. Boston Celtics- They have more success and they playing the heat in 3 straight playoff seasons.
5. Chicago Bulls- They played the heat the most in the playoffs.

Signed in 6/14/13
I usually change pictures. That means I'm more interested in that sport.

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