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Richard Lopez

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Ever since I was 2 years old, I have been following the sport of MMA. I'm just kidding, actually I was introduced to MMA by my uncle who showed me tapes of the first 4 UFC events he borrowed from a friend. I loved the action and thought Royce Gracie was the most dangerous man on the planet. It turns out, he was just a pioneer of a new sport that I would grow to appreciate over time. I've been watching as much MMA as I can since 2003 when I really became hooked on the sport. I even remember seeing an article in Blackbelt Magazine where Dana White said the fighter he'd love to sign the most would be Mirko Cro Cop during my senior year in highschool. The thing is, he felt that he didn't have anyone in the UFC that would give him a match. Man how things have changed.
I have been hapily married since July 5, 2008. I remember calling my brother later that night to look up who won between Forrest and Rampage. I'm expecting my first child in June of 2010. I'll try to cover topics that interest me, but please don't criticize me too much. I'm not too much of a writer, and only do this because I enjoy the sport so much.
I am a graduate of St. Mary's University in San Antonio, TX, where I recieved my BBA while majoring in Human Resources.

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